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Monday, 30 October 2017

[Story] My Boyfriend Cheated on Me for My Best Friend – Episode 6

Chloe went to school the next day with her mum and Zayn, talking happily about the new chocolate factory that had just opened down the street.
“Can we go?” Chloe asked.
“Me too, me too!” Zayn cried happily, not understanding the question.
Their mum just laughed, “We’ll see, we might go for your dads birthday I’m not sure.”
“But then dad will get a ton of things and Zayn and I won’t be able to buy anything because we’re broke!” Chloe cried.
“Yeah!” Chirped in Zayn, even though he didn’t know what they were talking about.
“We’ll see.” Their mum laughed.
When Chloe arrived at school Ben came up to say hi to her, “Hey Chloe how are you?”
“Yeah great thanks! What about you?”
Chloe laughed and they both held hands as they walked to their classroom. Suddenly Chloe remembered something, “Wait a second Ben I need to do something.”
She then ran back to her mum and gave her a tight squeeze before kissing her on the cheek, her mum laughed, “Go on Chloe, your acting like you’re in grade five!”
“Oh well.” Chloe said, “I’m not changing for anyone.”
She then ran back to her boyfriend to find him chatting to Bridgette, she barged in.
“Come on Ben.” She said linking arms with her boyfriend, “Let’s get to class before it gets busy.”
Ben followed Chloe. Bridgette started after them in astonishment.
“What was that about?” Ben asked Chloe when they were at the classroom.
“What?” She innocently asked.
“You! Walking away from your best friend like that.”
“She’s not my best friend, oh there’s the bell! Come on! We better move!” She let go of Ben and motioned him to follow her lead.
Her first class was double P.E, her worst subject. Ben was brilliant at it though so Chloe just enjoyed watching him. Her third subject was English with the strictest teacher in the school. Ben misbehaved with his mates and got a lunch time detention though everyone was saying he had done it just to impress Chloe.
Ben got out of the classroom first and she went to go find him. She spotted him in the crowd but stopped dead when she saw him holding hands with Bridgette. One of her friends saw Chloe and put her hand over her mouth and whispered to her friends. Before Chloe knew it, everyone was silent.
“Hey why is everyone quiet?” Bridgett asked everyone, still holding hands with Ben.
“I don’t know, hey why are you all”-
He turned around and spotted Chloe staring at him in horror.
“Oh geez.” He said, letting go of Bridgette’s hand.
“Ben? Why were you holding Bridgette’s hand?”
“It was a dare. Thomas dared us to for five minutes.” He replied quickly.
Chloe looked at Bridgette, “Is that true?”
“Positive, no way would I do that to you!”
Chloe relaxed her stance, “Okay, as long as it was a dare, but don’t do it again. Anyway.” She smiled, “It’s my turn now.”
Ben grinned and walked towards her, kissing her softly.
Everyone cheered. Ben looked around and laughed, shouting names at his mates. Chloe just had enough time to peek under Bens’ arms to see Bridgette’s angry face before she disappeared into the crowd.
When school had finished she went to the park with Ben and Bridgette, she and Ben were talking about different teachers while Chloe listened happily. When they got to the park Ben went to get a drink while Bridgette and Chloe climbed onto the swings.
They both chatted for a bit, talking about going to the movies. It almost seemed like old times!
“Hey I’ll be right back I’m just going to get a drink.” Bridgette said when Ben was gone a few minutes.
“Okay but be quick! I feel like a loner out here.” Chloe replied, laughing.
They each had been gone five or so minutes when Chloe walked over to the drinking taps. They were nowhere to be seen. She rolled her eyes, expecting them to jump out any second.
She then heard a shriek then someone saying “shhh”.
“Ha guys you can’t trick me now you’ve already done it to me once!” She laughed.
She walked behind the tree wanting to surprise them but gasped at what she saw.