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Monday, 30 October 2017

[Story] My Boyfriend Cheated on Me for My Best Friend – Episode 8

“Here miss.”
 Mrs Lou looked up from her notebook and scanned the room.
“Chloe?” She repeated.
She looked at Bridgette and caught her looking tight lipped and frozen, “Any idea where Chloe is Bridgette?”
 To Miss Lou’s surprise the class snickered quietly and Bridgette turned red.
She raised her eyebrows but said nothing, turning back to her notebook she put absent next to Chloe’s name and continued the names of the class.
“That was close.” Bridgette whispered to her friend Bethany as the bell went for everyone to pack up.
“Don’t worry about it B, just say she’s sick or something.” Smiled Bethany while collecting her books.
“What if she doesn’t believe-? Oh my God.”
Bethany dropped her pencil case as she jumped at Bridgette’s tone, “What?” She looked around the classroom and saw nothing but her friends packing up their books.

“What if she calls my mum and asked what happened? My mum doesn’t know anything and then I’d have to lie and I’m really bad at lying and I’d accidently talk about Ben and mum doesn’t know about Ben and-.”
Bethany hauled her books to her chest and looked at Bridgette. “Stop! Calm down nothing’s going to happen.” Bethany rolled her eyes and walked away.
Bridgette felt a pang of remorse as Bethany walked away. Sometimes she wished she still had Chloe to ramble to.
But no! She shook her head as if to clear it. She and Chloe were over, and there was nothing Bridgette could do now to reverse that.
Walking out of the locker bay she paused as she noticed Ben standing outside waiting for her. She tilted her head to side and examined him. Was he good enough that she didn’t need Chloe anymore? Well he did have beautiful dark hair that falls into his eyes and he does have super muscles… She snapped out of reverie as she noticed him staring back at her with a confused expression; though something seemed to click in her brain as he slowly started to grin.
She smiled confidently and strode toward him, leaving any thoughts of Chloe behind her.