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Monday, 30 October 2017

[Story] My Boyfriend Cheated on Me for My Best Friend – Episode 5

“I suck at bowling just saying.” Chloe said, picking up the bowling ball timidly.
“Aw come on Chloe! I’m sure you’ll do well. Look, I’ll hold your hands so you know what to do.” Ben came up to her and helped her put the fingers in the right holes. “Okay so what you do is swing back and then let go of it when your passing through.”
He went back to the table while Chloe did what she was told.
It zoomed down the middle and hit all ten pins down. She glanced back at her best friend with a smile but turned around to see the pair of them talking together. Bridgette was laughing and was twirling her hair around her finger.
Chloe picked up her second ball; it immediately went into the gutter. She walked back annoyed.
“Did you guys even see that? I got a strike.” Chloe said, sitting down on the flimsy plastic chairs.
“Nah sorry Chloe we didn’t see anything! Ben was too busy telling me all about his dog that can do tricks.” Bridgette smiled at Ben and he smiled back.
Chloe was interested, “Your dog can do tricks?”
“Yeah.” Was all he said while he stood up and went to bowl again.
When Ben was busy bowling confidently the two best friends just watched him, Chloe trying to suss out how he did it and Bridgette with a warm smile.
“It’s your turn Bridgette.” Chloe said, “Hey remember when we used to-“
“Hey Ben could you help me too?” Bridgette ignored Chloe, “It’s just I’m really bad at this sort of thing.”
“Bridgette your amazing! You were in the top team when we came here with Scouts!” Chloe cried.
Bridgette turned a deep shade of red, “That was when we were babies though.”
“No it wasn’t? It was only last year.”
Bridgette ignored her again and walked towards Ben, walking like she’d never had by swaying her hips. Ben grinned happily.
Chloe couldn’t believe it! Bridgette was flirting with her boyfriend! Why was she acting like we were babies when we did Scouts? We had loads of fun! Chloe sat back and sighed, watching Ben get a bit too close to her while showing her what to do.
They continued playing their game for another half hour. When it was finished they all went to get an ice cream. Chloe payed for hers as Ben didn’t have enough money because he had spent it all on Bridgette’s double chocolate scoop. Chloe had had enough.
“Look sorry guys but I’m going home.”
“Yeah sure Chloe see you around.” Was all Ben said before he turned around and started laughing at Bridgette’s joke.
Chloe felt tears spring in her eyes before she ran off. Her house was luckily only a few minutes away so she slowed down to a fast walk and continued crying softly.
At dinner time Chloe’s mum asked her where she had been.
“Bowling with Bridgette and her guy friend.” Chloe lied.
“Hmm, how was it?”
“Okay I guess.”
“Hmm, I want to talk to you after dinner alone please.”
Chloe looked up at her mum in a confused way, “Uh okay?”
When dinner was finished and Chloe’s dad was helping Zayn with some homework her mum sat Chloe down at the table.
“It didn’t go well at all did it? Tell me everything.”
Chloe hesitated.
“Chloe I’m your mum, I feel like I hardly know who you are anymore.”
“But-“She started.
Her mum gave her a hard look, Chloe sighed.
She started with falling on the pavement while crying and she told her all about her first kiss with Ben and what had happened, then she told her mum about sneaking out and Ben and Bridgette scaring her. Lastly she told her all about the bowling alley and how she thinks Ben and Bridgette have started flirting.
Her mum was shocked at hearing all this, “Oh my, oh dear. Well yes it does seem like they’ve got a thing for each other. Hmm… I think you should give it tomorrow and if it still isn’t working then break up with him. He isn’t treating you right at all.” She then frowned. “And if Bridgette is still acting that way then she isn’t your best friend no more, rather like an enemy.”
“But Bridgette’s my best friend?”
“C’mon Chloe just think.”
“I guess your right, I’ll just see what happens tomorrow.” She sighed and gave her mum a big hug. Turning towards her bedroom she paused and looked at her mum, “You aren’t mad at me for having a boyfriend?”
“Nah.” She smiled.
Chloe grinned and went into her bedroom. Looking at the pile of toys she’d put in bin bags she shook her head.
She wasn’t changing herself for anyone.