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Monday, 30 October 2017

[Story] My Boyfriend Cheated on Me for My Best Friend – Episode 4

“Where have you been? I’ve been looking everywhere; I can’t believe that you just left!”
“Hi mum.” Chloe said wearily.
Chloe had just come back from a fun time at Bridgette’s house making pancakes and having water fights, she had forgotten all about her mum.
“You are grounded, go to your room.”
Chloe shrugged and turned toward her bedroom, nothing would break the happiness of what had happened that day!
When inside her bedroom she folded her bed, cleaned everything away that was on the floor and she cleaned the wardrobe.
“I want a fresh start.” She told herself firmly, “I am going to throw away everything that I don’t need and then I’m going shopping with Bridgette.” She smiled happily to herself, everything was going to be perfect.
She had sorted out her room into piles of things she didn’t want and things that she did when she heard her dad yell her name from the kitchen. Chloe braced herself as she pushed open her door and made her way into the kitchen.
“Sit down.” Her dad commanded.
She did what she was told.
“We want to discuss what has been happening with you lately.” Her mum replied. “Please explain how you came to be lying on the pavement asleep?”
“I walked out of the house and I started crying from that morning and I fell and I must have gone to sleep.” She said simply, all she wanted was to be in her bedroom.
Her mum shook her head, “You could have died! You could have been robbed! You could have been taken away! Do you know how bad that would make us feel? It is the stupidest and craziest thing you could have done!”
Chloe felt extremely guilty and bowed her head.
“Go to your bedroom sweetie.” Her dad said softly, understanding the way Chloe was feeling.
“No don’t go to your room we need to talk to you!” Her mum cried angrily.
“Darling.” Her dad told her, “Just let Chloe go she’s had a hard day. We’ll talk to her another time; I don’t think she’s in the mood.”
Chloe stood up, making her way back to her bedroom in a daze. She took one hard look at all the toys and Barbies she wanted to throw out and thought of Ben and Bridgette. She hardened her gaze.
“Bring it on.” She whispered and continued cleaning everything out from her room with more vigour.
It was around two am when she checked the clock. She was surprised as her parents hadn’t come in to give her the usual kiss and hug. She flopped on her bed, thinking about how twisted her life had suddenly become in the last two days.
Even though she knew that she had to go to sleep she just couldn’t, she was hot and bothered and she desperately needed some fresh air. Suddenly she had an idea.
Not realising that he would probably be asleep she rung his mobile straight away.
“Hello?” Said a bleary voice at the other end of the line.
“Ben? Ben! It’s me, Chloe.”
“Chloe?” He asked, wakening up a bit.
“Why are you calling me at-“He paused to check the time. “Two am! Chloe? What has gotten into you?”
“Well, I just wanted to ask you if you wanted to meet up at the local park.”
“Yeah, because I really need some fresh air and if you don’t come I’ll go alone.”
“Don’t go alone! You could get mugged! It’s dangerous as out there!”
“I need some fresh air though!”
“Open your window.”
“I need to see you too.” She muttered.
He sighed, “Fine, I’ll go to the park with you, but only for five minutes! I want to sleep.”
She smiled even though he couldn’t see it, “Thanks so much! Love ya.”
He hung up; Chloe bounced up and down in excitement. She immediately went to her wardrobe and pulled out black mini shorts and her favourite stripy top. With all her makeup ready she silently walked through the house to the front porch. Pulling the door closed behind her it suddenly made a squeak and she ran like mad to the end of the road. Double checking that no one was following her she made her way towards the local park, humming to the beat of her mini heels.
Suddenly she heard a big scream; she froze as a shiver ran down her spine. Looking around the dark street she saw a hooded black figure run behind a tree. She started breathing quickly. Unluckily she was directly under a lamp so the person out there would instantly see her. She crept behind a thick bush as she heard another blood curdling scream. She gasped. What was happening?
She closed her eyes and froze as she heard a twig snap not two metres from where she hid.
Suddenly out of nowhere the black figure was standing next to her, she screamed and fell backwards.
“Woah!” A familer voice cried from underneath the hood. Chloe reckonised it immedaitely and ripped off the hood to show her best friends face.
“Why would you do that?” Chloe gasped.
“You should have seen your face! I wish I had gotten that on the camera! Ha!”
Chloe shook her head, “I’m going home.”
She started walking towards the way she came.
“Hey hey slow down babe!” A voice behind her said and someone hugged her from behind.
“Ben please. That was so mean!”
“I know, I know. I shouldn’t have done it. Come on. Let’s go to the park.”
Chloe gave up and with Ben still holding her waist they all walked to the park in silence. When they had finally gotten there she climbed onto the swing.
“Come on Bridgette! Let’s do that thing where you sit on my lap and I swing!”
Bridgette turned red, “Um, that was when we were kids Chloe. We’re fourteen nearly fifteen now, you kind of need to grow up ha.” She glanced at Ben.
Ben shrugged and went to get a drink, Bridgette followed his trail.
Chloe called out to her.
“Wait a sec Chloe we’ll be right back, we’re just getting a drink!” Bridgette called back.
Chloe rolled her eyes.
She had waited for five minutes when she heard them coming back. They were both talking about going to the bowling booth tomorrow after school.
“Do you want to come?” Ben asked Chloe, sitting down on the swing next to her.
“Yeah sure! Are we just going to walk over after school?”
“Sounds like a plan to me!”
Bridgette smiled warmly at Chloe, Chloe grinned back.
“Okay so have you had your bit of fresh air yet?” Ben asked.
“You want to leave?” Chloe asked.
“Well yeah I’m a bit tired. See you tomorrow.” He bent down to kiss her head softly. She closed her eyes and smiled.
“Hey Ben I’ll just walk home with you because my house is only two doors down from you.” Bridgette said.
“Wait what?” Chloe cried.
“Our houses are two doors down from each other.” Bridgette replied with a smiled at Ben.
Ben smiled back, “See you tomorrow Chloe!”
Bridgette waved as they both walked off together.
Chloe stared after them in astonishment. “It’s alright Ben, I’ll just walk home on my own.” She sighed.