REBIRTH:FROM GRASS TO GRACE-the untold story behind my Fast rise in Nollywood.


1 Goodbye Mum 1
2 The Touch 11
3 Our Wife 16
4 My Flat Chest 23
5 The Move 26
6 Out On The Streets 32
7 Mum Appears Again 42
8 Living With The gods 47
9 Befriending Mum 58
10 Undergraduate At The University of Ibadan 63
11 In Love With My Music Teacher 65
12 The False Prophet 77
13 The Turning Point 85
14 Angels On Earth 90
15 Light… Camera… Action 97
16 Toyo Baby 103
17 Toyo Baby, The Usher 111
18 My Friends And I 115
19 Fame Has A Real Face 119
20 Money, Money And More Money 126
21 Stop Talking Like You Know Me 130
22 Confession Time 135

23 Rebirth


I dedicate this book to YOU.
If you are hurting, may you find healing.
If you are confused, may you find direction.
If you are tired, may you find strength.
If you are sad, may you find joy.
If you are afraid, may you find courage.
In the places you have been despised, may you be honoured.
In the places you have failed, may you yet succeed.
In the places you have been rejected, may you be accepted.
In the places you have suffered shame, may you enjoy glory.
In the places you have toiled, may you harvest plentiful.
As I rose from nothing to something, may you rise above all your
May your story be sweeter than mine!


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