Laugh it out

You came back from school tired and
hungry,,You walked straight to the
kitchen after dropping your bag.
On opening the soup pot,it was your
Worst soup that was prepared,you
Decided to manage it since you were hungry.
You opened the /Eba plate and
discovered there's no Maked Eba
inside,,you decided to plug water since
there was light,
After pluging it you went inside your room to relax and also wait for the
water to boil.

Some minutes later,you went back to
the kitchen to check the water but you
noticed you didn't switch on the
Socket;so you turned it On, After switching it on, #Nepa took the light,. You decided to use the Stove but
unfortunately there was no
.Kerosene.inside it.
uu went to neighbour's house buh dey are not around..
U trekked to your friend's house in the fourth street under the sun.
U boiled water dere and pour it in the flask uu took there.
U den took bike with your last cash to your house.on getting home you brought out a bowl and turning stick to prepare the eba ....
U then discovered there is no garri in the house
You now be like.....
(Eli,! Eli,!! Lama saba tani) ( My God,My
God, why has thou Forsaken me)...with tears in your eyes.

Thats when you'll now start beating ur little Sis bcuz she went to school late last week!

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