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Friday, 15 September 2017

[Story] Broken In (18+) – Episode 5

I increased the speed at which I was Bleeping her and she began to tighten and throb wildly. While she also continued to finger me she licked my clit, labia and the valley in between. Our bodies ground into each other and the room was completely filled with the smell of pussies in heat. Our bodies glistened with sweat, the heat we were generating was unbelievable. I began to get lightheaded and I thought I might pass out right there. My arm was aching from driving my hand into Susan’s cunt and my own Kittycat was ready to erupt with an incredible orgasm.
Then I felt her Kittycat contract and expand, twitching spasmodically and I knew she would blow her load any moment and I was also close. It was then that I let my entire body loose. My Kittycat squeezed at her arm as an explosion of Kittycat juice shot out in all directions. I felt Susan tense as her body unleashed a mighty orgasm. I removed my hand from her gripping Kittycat and Kittycat juice that must have built behind the pressure of my hand shot out onto my head and body. The shower of her juices covered my writhing body and caused me to have another orgasm right there. The rate at which the juices flowed out doubled as the climax hit me. Susan’s entire body went limp and her face was engulfed by my continuous cumming. She brought her mouth down to my Kittycat and swallowed what she could and bathed her face and hair in my sweet juices. She pulled her body forward and let my Pour cover her chest stomach and legs. As she did so her Kittycat rubbed up against my chest and stomach as well. The flow from her Kittycat had come to a stop but mine continued on.
We then laid there covered in our hot juices. Our sweat added to the flavour of our Pour as I licked my lips and fingers. She slid around until our breasts met and rubbed all over each other. We brought our faces together and kissed with our soaked lips. As we did so she let her drool flow into my mouth and down onto my neck. Our tongues embraced each other and the taste of our combined Pour was heavenly. When we let go of each other’s lips, Susan laid her head on my chest and fell asleep from weakness. My chest heaved and her head moved up and down with it while remaining motionless. Soon I was fast asleep too, with a smile on my face and my Kittycat still tingling from the massive orgasm I just had.
We didn’t wake up till Sunday morning when Susan’s older brother came knocking on the door that it was time for breakfast. We woke up to dried up Kittycat juice all over our body and all over the room. The room reeked of S£x and anybody coming in would not need a soothsayer to tell them what had happened the previous day. We groggily went into the connecting bathroom and cleaned ourselves up. We would have loved to eat ourselves up in the bath again but we could hear Susan’s mom’s insistent voice shouting on her to hurry up else would be dragged to church half dressed. They knew I was of a different faith and I had always stayed behind each time they went to church on the previous midterms I had come home with Susan. So after a very full breakfast of yams, eggs and tea, Susan’s family left for church while I stayed behind at home watching TV and generally relaxing from the heavy climaxes I had had the previous day. My insides still felt hot and my Kittycat lips were all swollen and sensitive. I was wearing one of Susan’s Shorts and each time the fabric of the material rubbed against my crotch, I would gasp at the sensation released into my bloodstream.
I had fallen asleep when a touch brought me into half waking stage. I felt a hot touch on my bare legs. I purred, thinking it was my lover, moving closer to the hand. in my half sleep stage I felt the hand slide up from my bare legs to my thighs, wriggling its way through the gap between the shorts and my body to touch my crotch. My purr turned into a gasp but I was still sleepy. Then I felt a hand slide the spaghetti strap off my shoulder and cold breeze flow on my Unclad firm Bosom. I was suddenly jerked fully awake when I felt hot mouth on my by now taut and erect Tips. No, this is not Susan’s mouth, my subconscious told me. I jerked awake, struggling against the languor that was beginning to take over my body as the pleasure spread from my Tips to my crotch. Kneeling on the couch with me with my Tips in his mouth was Susan’s older brother who was in the university! I made to struggle but his hands were gripping and holding down my shoulder in a vice. He was huge and I was just a slender fourteen year old, too weak to withstand his strength. I struggled effortlessly to be free of his hold but to no avail. I opened my mouth to scream but like lightening, his left hand covered my mouth tightly and my scream was muffled, I began to cry. He waited a few minutes in silence and then looking deep into my eyes he said
“Now,” he said as I wept, his voice growing more sinister, his lips against my left ear, “I’m going to take my hand off your mouth so you can answer. If you decide to start shouting again, though, I will beat your Buttocks and still Fork you. I know about you and my sister, so don’t pretend to be the prude, I have videos of both of you that I will make available on the internet. Don’t think I won’t, little Bytch. After I do I’ll Fork you anyway. So what’ll it be?”
In that instant I became really scared. I imagined Alhaji, my father, getting to know that I have been eating another girl’s Kittycat! I would totally be disowned and I could see from his expression that he would make true his threat. I nodded my head desperately and tried to control my sobbing once he took his hand off my mouth. For at least a minute he allowed me to cry, to catch my breath.
To Be Continued…