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Friday, 15 September 2017

[Story] Broken In (18+) – Episode 4

As I stood up Susan grabbed my shoulders and threw me onto the bed. She jumped on after me and landed on top. She then pinned my wrists down with her hands.
“Now it’s time to bathe in your Pour, Sluut,” she said, staring into my eyes, sending tiny electric shock throughout my body. There’s this way Susan looks at you when she wants to Fork you, her eyes become half lidded and her voice all smoky. Those two things were enough of a caress to make me start feeling hot and horny. I just lay languid, looking up at her. She knew I was at her beck and call.
“Wait here while I find something we can play with.” She said, I didn’t want her to leave me alone but I could hear the obvious promise of intense pleasure in her voice and the tingle in me increased manifold.
She then got up and ran into the kitchen. I heard her open the fridge and search around. A few minutes later she returned holding a glass filled with something. As she got closer it turned out there was nothing in the glass but ice cubes. She sat down on the bed and pulled one out of the glass.
“Here, suck on this for a second.” she said.
I put it in my mouth and let my saliva move all over the ice to make it moist. Susan lay down on top of me once more and kissed my lips. I let the ice slide into her waiting mouth with my tongue. She then moved her head lower and began to kiss my neck and chest. She let the wet ice cube fall out of her mouth and land between my sweaty breasts. The cold feeling tickled my Unclad body and I giggled. She let it lay there and it slowly began to melt on my body. A small pool of water emerged from beneath it. As I continued to breathe in and out it began to slide down my stomach. I shivered from the cold feeling left by the ice sliding down my stomach.
“Oooooo…that’s cold, It feels nice…” I said, panting softly as the cold also kind of intensified my horniness. It slowly slid down until it made a stop just before the beginning of my Kittycat mound. Susan then put two fingers on the ice and started to make circles around my navel with it. soon I was writhing in ecstasy as cold pleasure filled me. I started whimpering,
I shivered as the cold water covered my chest and stomach. My Tips had grown as hard as the ice itself. It was then that Susan stopped making circles and moved it towards my Kittycat. As it moved over my mound, I placed my hands on my inner thighs to force my legs to remain spread. When it reached my Kittycat lips, she used her tongue to push it into my trembling Kittycat. What was left of the ice rubbed up against my hot clit and the melted water began to pour out of my Kittycat. I screamed loudly and bucked as my inside was hit by the cold and the pleasure all at the same time
“Aaaghh! Its too cold!! Unghhhh!!”
“Now you’re ready to Fork.” she said.
She brought her face to my breasts and began to suck on them. Her cold tongue sent chills down my spine and my Kittycat. As she withdrew her lips to move to my other Tip, her mouth drooled out cold water onto my chest. She sucked and squeezed my Tip within her mouth and I was caressing my other one with my hand. We turned into a 69 position and we began to eat each other. My hot Kittycat was already wet from the ice that had slid down my body. Immediately I felt her mouth kiss and lick my Kittycat slowly. She then made circles around my clit with her tongue.
“Ooohhhhh Fork yes! That feels so good!” I yelled.
I returned the favour to her by using my tongue and two fingers to Fork her Kittycat directly. Her clit was hot and hard and it tasted so good. I pulled her Buttocks closer to my face so I could stick my tongue in even farther. Her Kittycat walls tightened continuously and then let go as I withdrew my tongue and stuck it in again.
“Uunnnngghh Fork me! Fork me!!” Susan yelled.
She positioned herself so that she could move her fingers into my cunt. It began with two fingers and she continued to move in and out, each time adding another finger. As soon as her whole fingers were inside me she drove it in and out faster and faster. She had her hand almost to her wrist deep within my Kittycat and it was becoming more wet and covered in my juices. She played with my clit with her pinky and used her thumb and remaining fingers to excite my Kittycat walls. A climax was building and this one was going to be big. I struggled to give Susan’s cunt the same pleasure as she continued to Fork me although the excitement in me was just too high. I bucked and writhed on her hand as she worked her fingers deep into me, my orgasm building, my body on high voltage, my long Tips taut and erect and searching with a mind of its own for a touch or a mouth.
“Ooohh, ohhh, ohhh, pleaseeee don’t stop!! Don’t stop!!!” I screamed from deep inside my throat as my climax raced towards me. Susan pushed her Kittycat frantically towards me and I know that I was neglecting my duty to her so I also shoved my fingers into her dripping hot Kittycat, one by one and began to pump in rhythm with her hand in my Kittycat. I let my fingers probe and search the inner reaches of her cunt to find places that would excite her. I caressed her clit and then began to make circles around the outside of her Kittycat lips with my tongue.
“Uunnnggghhh!!huhggggg, uhhhh, Joy, I’mmmm cumimmmg!!!” she screamed.
To Be Continued…