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Friday, 15 September 2017

[Story] Broken In (18+) – Episode 2

“I will make sweet love to you’’ she purred and my body willingly submitted to her as she pulled me by the hand and led me out to the sink stands. She then pushed me against one of the sinks and used her knees to spread mine apart. Her mouth had returned to mine and she was busy kissing me and I was returning the kiss like a pro. It felt like I had done this all my life as it all came naturally to me. I was panting and gasping for breath as pleasure spread all through my body. I heard a loud moan and only just realised that it had come from my throat$. She fondled my pert Bosom, cupping them in each of her hands and squeezing the erect Tips tightly, rolling each between thumb and fore finger. I saw stars. It was pleasure indescribable.
‘’you like it? She purred and it didn’t really sound like a question, I just nodded, shaking as waves and waves of pleasure erupted in me. It felt like I would faint. She then knelt between my spread legs and moved her face closer and closer to my Kittycat mound, and then she buried her face into my wet Kittycat. She used her tongue to part my lips and then began to suck on my clitoris. I was shaking like a convulsion patient as her mouth made contact with my Kittycat. She continued to lick and suck and then she pushed her tongue even farther into my Kittycat then began to move it in and out very rapidly. It felt like the porno videos I had secretly watched at home, it looked like she was Bleeping me with her tongue. Her entire face was soaked now from the wetness that was inside me from the pleasure that was coursing through me. My inside was producing juice very rapidly which she greedily lapped up. I was so lost in the pleasure that I pushed my Kittycat further and further into her face, I began rotating my hips unconsciously, grinding my Kittycat into her face. She just held me by the hips and continued licking the juices that was flowing from my Kittycat and also stiffening and dipping her tongue into my open Kittycat.
Soon from nowhere, sensations I had never known existed flowed through my body and it felt like I had been hit by a car but it was a pleasurable accident! From very deep inside me a well swelled up and erupted and with a very loud moan I pushed my Kittycat tighter to her face and felt the juice flow copiously from inside me to her mouth and she greedily licked it all up. After what felt like hours but could not have been more than mere minutes, my shaking subsided and I opened my eyes to see her with her hands in her Kittycat rubbing furiously! In awe I looked on, not really knowing what to do or how to help her as she masturbated. I felt a heady aroma fill the air and knew without a thought that it was Kittycat smell. The smell was tangy, heady and intoxicating. My body became flushed again as I watched her fingering herself, it was so exciting to watch that girl — legs spread wide, fingering herself, playing with her Kittycat and climaxing loudly, just like I had done. As her body shuddered repeatedly in tremendous spasms, I saw a dribble of gooey white fluids oozing out of her cunt and down into her Buttocks. She finally opened her eyes, looking up at me. She relaxed her legs, stretching them out on the floor.
“Fork, that was good,” she grinned, licking her fingers. That was my initiation into girl-girl relationship. I virtually became Susan’s Bytch to be used anywhere and by anyone she chooses and I loved it. by the time I was in the fourth form and she was in her final year, she had indoctrinated me into all the joys of lesbian relationship. One time during a mid-term break that we spent in her house, she had told me she was bi and had arranged for me to be Forked by a guy. I became scared as I had never been with a guy before but the experience didn’t happen as the guy called that he couldn’t make it.
Susan pulled me towards her and sat me on her laps as it was clear that the guy she had invited would not be joining us and since her parents had gone out. She then began to unzip my shorts.
“What are you doing?!!” I asked. “We could be caught so easily!”
“I know,” Susan said. “That’s what makes it so much fun, Joy, moreover, there’s no one at home at the moment.”
She finished with my shorts and pulled them off my body slowly. I pulled her tank top over her head to reveal her soft big Bosom (I love them so much) and hard, erect Tips. I began to suck on one of them as Susan moved on to my panties. She put her fingers under the straps and pulled them down my legs then threw them away. She then slipped two fingers into my Kittycat causing me to moan softly, and then began to finger Fork me slowly.
“Oohhhhhh…Uuhuhhhh…” I whimpered.
I was very cautious not to moan too loud because I didn’t want to be caught as I felt that anyone could just walk in us but Susan didn’t seem to care about being caught or not. She moved her face towards me and we kissed over and over. The strawberry flavoured lip balm she was wearing transferred over to my lips and also my cheeks. While I continued to suck on her Tips, I moved my hands down her back and into her panties. I explored with my fingers until I found her already wet Kittycat. I let two of my fingers play with her clit as she continued to Fork me with her hand. We were both moaning but Susan’s voice was considerably louder than my own. I began to move up and down on her fingers to make the finger-Fork faster. I also began to move my own fingers faster within her Kittycat as well. I rubbed and caressed the inner regions of her cunt quickly as she Forked me with her whole hand now. It was a tight squeeze but that only made it all the more pleasurable. My juices had started up and began to flow out onto her hand pool on the bed.
To Be Continued…