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Friday, 15 September 2017

[Story] Broken In (18+) – Episode 1

Written by Missy Erotica…
Attending an all-girl boarding school opened my senses to the joy of female-female love. I had heard stories at home even before attending college that my school was a beehive of lesbian activities and surprisingly, these tales only seemed to arouse my interest the more, making me vow to attend it. And that was how when it was time to choose schools, I gladly chose it, wrote the exam and passed and was given admission. I had always had a kind of awe for the female body. My body excites me to no ends and it was even worse whenever I was opportune to see another female’s nakedness.
I was small for my age when I entered secondary school and this seemed to divert attention from me. The bigger girls in my dormitory would pamper and only send me on innocent errands. They saw me as their baby sister and made no lewd overtures towards. This continued until I got to the third year of secondary school when my body had filled out and a growth spurt had led me to being tall. Though my Bosom just started budding the previous year, they were pert and round with very big prominent Tips. In my years in the dormitory, I had stumbled upon my dorm mates in compromising positions which though I could not explain sent flushes all over my body. One time I had woken from my upper bunk to the sound of moans and groans coming from the lower bunk. I thought someone was in pain but after a time I realised it was sound of pleasure I could here. I couldn’t see a thing but I could hear the bed groan and a slurping wet sound. This kept me awake for about two hours when the sounds finally stopped and I could go back to sleep. I couldn’t get the sounds out of my head.
Another time, I ran into the bathroom after afternoon prep and was taken aback by the scene before me. A very familiar senior in my hostel was standing with feet apart and here was this very busty girl kneeling between her legs with her mouth clamped tight on the seniors Kittycat sucking away! The senior was moaning and writhing and had this expression on her face that signified she was enjoying it! I could see trickle of a water like substance, on the kneeling girls chin and the way she was sucking away in relish took by breath away. I involuntarily gasped aloud causing the senior to open her eyes and the junior to try and stop but the senior clamped her thighs tightly on the girls head and in a commanding voice told her to continue. Hesitantly, the junior continued. I was by now frozen in fear and a strangle tingle materialised in my body. My Kittycat tensed and relaxed and tensed again without any effort from me.
‘’Oh, its you’’ the senior said ‘’what do you want?
‘’I I I I wwwwant tooo peeee’’ I stammered
‘hahaha, oya go and piss and go back outside, Smallie’’ she laughed
It was like the pee had a mind of its own as it gushed out immediately I entered the loo and I felt sweet sensation all over me. it was a strange feeling and I wanted more of it. These are just few instances where I have seen and heard lesbian action before I was finally initiated but unlike some others of my classmate who were put-off and disgusted by the goings on in our hostel, I was curious and wanted to experience it for myself. I couldn’t forget the look on that seniors face and most times I would look at my budding Tips and wonder why they are not attracted to me, why they did not want me but being a junior, there was nothing I could do about it.

I finally got my wish fulfilled one day. I had filled out nicely, slender and tall with small waist and pert bums. By Bosom had also decided it was time to grow as they had shot up from tiny sprouts of the previous year to nice 28 B cups! My Tips were amazing as they are long and big and got hard each time I thought of someone sucking them or sucking my Kittycat the way that junior had done to the senior! Others were also watching and had noticed that I was finally ripe enough to pluck. I had gone to take a shower in the shower room and was busy admiring my pert Bosom and pinching my Tips which ad gotten hard and taut. Shivers of pleasure ran through me and I squeezed my thighs together. I could feel heat flooding my body. This had become customary for me ever since my Bosom unceremoniously shot out. Suddenly, the shower stall door swung open and staring at me also Unclad was a girl in form five who exuded power. we all knew she was in charge of the dorm even without being told. I stared at her in confusion and anticipation.
“You are so enchanting  …’’ she said, grabbing me and drawing me close
“Kiss me…” she said and like a zombie I found myself moving my head towards her and our lips met with passion. Our tongues moved and searched each other’s mouths for places that would give us both pleasure. Then we broke and embraced each other.
To Be Continued…