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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

[Story] Shattered Love – Episode 3

Shola…Life in River’s state is quite different from the type of life being lived in Lagos. The cost of living in Rivers is on the higher side compared to Lagos. I knew it was just a matter of time before I settle fully in rivers before thinking of how to start a new family here.
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I was at work when Janet called to break the news to me. I felt so bad. I have been opportune to speak with her on the phone some couple of times and I was looking forward to the day I was going to meet my sister-in-law one-on-one. I called Wizzy to help me travel down to Osun to visit Janet and console her for me and also say me well to her family.
I couldn’t turn down the request of Shola. Janet was in a bad shape after the unfortunate incident happened. That gives me the opportunity of meeting our soon to be in-law and also to commensurate with the family. It was just a four hours Journey from lagos to Osun where Janet’s family resides. It was really a sad incident to witness the death of a grown up child, almost 20 years of age. I spent some few hours with her family before going back to Lagos. I got home later in the evening that day then I was scrolling through the stations on my decoder when I stumbled on a movie on Africa magic titled, Loosing You. I was not a big fan of Nolly wood movies but I was captivated by the theme of the movie. Tonto Dikeh and Van Vicker, were two lovers but they couldn’t get married due to their genotype status, then I remembered that earlier that day, I asked Janet the cause of the death of her sister and she told me she was a sickle cell victim. Mogbe! My friend is walking on a gun powder.