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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

[Story] Shattered Love – Episode 4


Its three weeks after the death of my sister. Life they say moves on but I still find it hard to move on without her. Her memories still lives with me every time and anywhere I go. Shola & Wizzy has been really helpful during this trying time and I was glad I have them in my life. I felt ill during this period and I believed it was due to the incident that happened. I was forced to go for a test then I discovered I was pregnant.


Wizzy sef ehn…The guy mater don tire me. He never allowed e to rest since the day he told me he watched a Nolly wood movie on TV which talks about genotype. I be confirm AA! The worst sickness I’ve had is malaria. I don’t have anything to worry about on that. Few weeks later, Janet broke the news to me that she was pregnant. Now is the time for me to accelerate my plans. I can’t afford to have the baby outside of wedlock. The next day, I transferred some money to her so she can come over to Rivers state. 2 days later, she arrived at my apartment. I was so happy seeing her again after 2 months of leaving Lagos. After taking her round the house, she decided to go to the kitchen to prepare something for us to eat. Then I spotted her big bag on the Sofa, I decided to search for chewing gums then I saw an envelope with a letter inside it. I opened the letter and what I found inside hit me really hard like Roman Reign’s superman punch.


I was dishing the food into the plate when I heard my phone ringing. I left the kitchen to pick up my phone when I saw Shola with the result of my genotype test which I did some months ago. I spoke with my mum who called to ask about my trip and after the call, I met the other side of Shola which I haven’t seen before.
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Shola: Why didn’t you tell me your genotype was SS?

Janet: You never asked

Shola: What do you mean I never asked?

Janet: Of course you never asked. I asked you about your genotype remember? And you told me it was AA. I was expecting you to ask me about mine but you didn’t Moreover, we are compatible. We are safe.

Shola: I only said that to calm your nerves. I don’t know my genotype.

Janet: What??