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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

[Story] Shattered Love – Episode 2

Shola…Love is like the rain. It comes in a drizzle sometimes, then it starts pouring and if you’re not careful it will drown you. “Ti Ojo ife ba pani, winiwini la ma mase bi tanwiji’’ A chapter of love was opened in my life. Ever since that night Janet and I spoke, we’ve been in close touch with each other, calling, chatting, texting, each day. Oh! What a feeling! Burning me all up, I can’t express myself! The love I ave for Janet is just like a copied assignment, I can’t explain it. Soon, we both fixed a particular date when she was going to pay me a visit in Lagos. I started preparing for her arrival like I was preparing for the arrival of the miss world. No one knows how to clean his home better except the one expecting the arrival of his girlfriend. Isn’t it? And lest I forget, I also did not waste time in sending all my side chicks on a compulsory leave from my home. I told them I was on a white fasting and I don’t need the presence of any female friends for the next few weeks. Wetin man go do? Will you have me to blame?
Hmmmm..Two love birds. I really envy the relationship between Shola and Janet you know. I wish I was in love too.
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The beginning of love they say is so sweet. Like an Egusi soup (Which Egusi tastes better, Igbo Egusi or Yoruba Egusi?) but it takes a lot of sacrifices between the two parties to make it work. Some few years later, something happened.
I will be 29 years of age by June. Janet’s family have been pressuring her to bring me home for them to know me. I still feel it’s quite early because I know what the end game will be and that’s marriage talk. I still need a better job so I could be able to cater for my new family. Just then, I received a mail from one of the company, I was working for that I have been transferred to Rivers state.
The next day at work…
Wizzy: You should be happy bro. This is a sign of promotion. You never can tell what will happen when you get there (Giving him back his mobile phone after checking the mail)
Shola: Wizzy, you should know I don’t need this transfer right now. I am planning of settling down with Janet soon and here am I, being transferred to River State.
Wizzy: Sholly, that won’t disrupt your plans for settling down. Will it? And moreover, I even heard girls in Rivers state are very beautiful. So it will be advisable for you to speed up your wedding plans before your eyes go open for Rivers state. (Laughs and taps his shoulders)
I was dumbfounded when Shola broke the news of his transfer to me. I felt bad. Am having this strange feelings that Shola was slipping away from me. I knew he still have affairs with 3 different girls aside from me and I have confronted him about this but he keep saying they are part of his past. I discussed this with Wizzy, his friend and he assured me that all those girls are “Abelejayan”. They are only keeping Shola company till the right owner comes which is me. Wizzy has been helpful in ensuring the relationship between Shola and I blossom every day. He is really a good friend and I have already considered him as my brother-in-law. One of those times, he paid Shola and I a visit when I came down to Lagos, he had promised to marry my immediate younger sister after our marriage. 2 months after Shola left for Rivers, I lost Wizzy’s wife to be, my younger sister to the cold hands of death.