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Thursday, 2 November 2017


A lot of people might have told you that you miss a lot for not having "sex", the answer is a capital YES. You miss a lot and would continue missing them: 💕
1. You miss contracting HIV
2. You miss unwanted pregnancy.
3. You miss being an unwanted a teen mother or father.
4. You miss having Sexually Transmitted yokes and bondages.
5. You miss having an unwanted child.
6. You miss being a school dropout.
7. You miss having a broken home.
8. You miss making God and your parents sad and disappointed.
9. You miss barrenness due to abortions (if you are a lady).
10. You miss having destroyed career prospects.
11. You miss risking cervical cancer.
12. You miss getting worried because you may get pregnant after sex.
13. You miss being "used” and dumped.
14. You miss being depressed all the time.
15. You miss throwing your virginity in the mud.
16. You miss getting serious "broken heart".
17. You miss fornication
18. You miss the punishment of the grave.
19. You miss weakening your veins at the early stage.
20. You miss selling your dignity in just 5mins for a useless pleasure; and finally
21. You miss being thrown into Hell fire

✍🏽 Have you seen that you really miss a lot by not having premarital sex? Aside these physical and emotional consequences, there are serious spiritual implications leading to bondage, poverty, spiritual marriages, etc. and eventual death of body and soul.
🗣My fellow Brothers and Sisters in Faith your life is worth more than a few minutes enjoyment that can destroy your life in the Present and future. Reserve your body not just for your future husband or wife but for God sake. It is worth missing yet Rewardable!.


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