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Sunday, 29 October 2017

[Story] Sister Adesewa (True Life Story) – Episode 10

She wiped her tears,came to me and said “when last did u
see ur menses?”.
It was then i rememberd i saw it last in April,i’ve not seen
it in May.
I checked my calendar,with tears rolling down my cheeks,i
said “April 11,ma”.
“And what is today’s date?.. 23rd May,u ought to have
seen it before now….so,u didnt even know u’ve missed ur
period!.Ok,let’s go to d clinic for confirmation.”
I dressed up and followed her to d clinic.
A pregnancy test was done,and d result was positive.
When we left d clinic,Mrs Williams drove straight to d
church.We entered d office,and she locked d door behind
us.We were d only ones in d church premises.
She said “Let’s pray”.
She prayed. After d prayer,i couldn’t lift up my head,i was
just looking down,i didn’t want to look at her face,bcs i
knew what d next question would be,and that was d last
question i wanted to answer.
Then she said “Sis Sewa,now that we have confirmed dt u are
pregnant,can u tell me who is responsible for d
I didnt answer. I was just sobbing in tears.
“I didn’t ask u to weep,i said who is responsible for the pregnancy?”
Now, I couldn’t stand it anymore, I felt like throwing, I was feeling dizzy and was very weak, my tummy was turning upside down.
I got up from where i was sitting,opposite her across d
table,managed to get to where she was,leaned on her and
By d time i would wake up,i saw her speaking in tongues,my
dress was wet with water.She had a paper in her hands with
which she was blowing air on my wet body.
When i realised what had happened,i opened my mouth
and said “Mummy,i’m sorry for putting u through ds”.
“She said “Forget about dt….Are u now okay?”
“Yes ma”.I answered.
“Thank u Jesus”.She murmured.
She quickly plugged an electric kettle which was in d
office,got a mug,put a teabag in it,poured hot water and
added sugar.
She said “Now take ds.I didnt put milk,so it doesnt
nauseate u”.
I collected it from her,and said “Thank u ma”.I took
it,and i felt better.
She allowed me to relax very well,before she continued.
“Now,tell me,who impregnated u?”.
I bowed my head again.
“Tell me now!”
I couldnt talk..but i must tell her now,i had no choice.
Then,a thought came to my mind,”Write it in a paper”.
I saw a pen on d table,took a small piece of paper also
from d table,i wrote “Bode”.
I pushed it to her on d other side of d table where she sat
gazing at me amazingly.
I didnt know what to expect afterwards.
After reading it,she shouted “Ahhhhh!. Lord Jesus!!”
She held her head with her two hands,bowed down her head
for about 5minutes,without saying anything.
I also bowed my head,but i was peeping at her once in a
By d time she lifted up her head,her eyes were filled with
tears.I cant imagine how disappointed she was.
She looked at me,and bowed her head again.
I was just weeping.
After about 10mins,she got up from her seat,came to
me,pulled me up and gave me a very warm and tight
hug. She said “I know how u are feeling. I was once in your
shoes..but hear this, though u have fallen into sin,but that is
not d end of your life,nor d end of your christianity. Jesus The
Merciful Saviour is still available to cleanse u.He still loves
u. All He wants u to do is to repent,ask for forgiveness and
sin no more. If He could have mercy on me,He will surely have mercy on you too