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Friday, 13 October 2017

Campus babe episode 7

“I just wanted to say am sorry for
everything,I know I was very wrong to
have left you like that…please dear find a
place in your heart to forgive me.I still
love you ??kªª¥°??,so what do you say
about us getting back together? I was so confused,angry and happy all at
the same time.

I wanted to hang up,but
then I thought it would too immature..I
decided to reply immediately,I really
wanted to say yes,but then a thought
creeped into my head. “I will make him pay,if he’s truly sorry he should be ready
to fight for me,I have to make him earn
my love so he would learn to value me
more(in other words,I wanted to teach
his sorry butt0ckz a lesson).so I said “am
sorry dear,I already have someonelse am in love with,and we just started dating
two days ago,if only you had called

“Prisi,I know you’re still in love with me…
why don’t you just accept me so we can
start afresh,I promise I’ll be more caring,more lovi…
I didn’t let him finish,I hung up. I started
wondering,what did I just do sef?eh?
Maybe there is really no need for him to
fight, No! I replied to myself…at least I
have to play hard-to-get for sometime. I knew fully well that I was still in love
with him,but I just had to put him at a
tight corner,the only thing I needed now
was a real “fake” boyfriend to instigate
the fight. Hmmnn who will I use now,I’ve
been really mean to most guys lately. Tomorow,I’ll check my contact list and
hatch my plan.I smiled to
myself,everything was going to be
Hello charles,its Prisca,I just wanted to
apologise for the way I treated you that
day…look I’m really sorry. If there is a way
I can make it up to you,feel free to call
me back and let me know…talk to you
later,bye. I smiled satisfactorily, Charles was really
in love with me,there couldn’t have been
a better person to use,I didn’t even let
him say anything on the phone.I knew he
was going to call me back....