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Friday, 13 October 2017

Campus babe episode 6

Exams were fast approaching and I had a
lot to make uo fro because fo my silly
mistakes…I became a regular visitor to
the library,I didn’t want to take any
chances at failure,I knew my parents
would be so angry if I failed. With a wall constructed in my herat and
my focus strictly on my academics,I
became a shadow of myself,no friends,no
hanging out,no form of socialisation,I
became like a triangular student-me,my
school,and church and occasionaly the market(forget o,man must whack
heartbreak or not).

I was able to cover up
my academic lapses(I think it was divine
intervention) and even had onw wEek
extra to just relax my brain.I had become
an anti-male,I didn’t want to see any guy close to me,this was a little bit difficult
(dnt mean to brag but,I’m not exactly the
kind of girl that most guys would see and
pass by) I had this innocent looking
babyface,that made a lot of guys think
they could easily take advantage of me… hmmn,those guys got it really tough from
me,I became rude and unfriendly to all
guys,I even became scared at a point of
how I had become just because of one
heart break.

The semester exams were soon over,and
it was time for holidays. I was just chilling
at the pool one sunday afternoon when I
heard a husky voice from behind.
prisi dear how have you been? Femi asked in a seemingly concerned manner.
i hissed and said,I’ve been just the way
you left me to be,and i don’t think that is
your concern in anyway
i got up from where i was sitting and
walked away. prisi!please hold on,okay…i was defiant and i picked up my clothes
flagged down a cab,and left.
on my way home,different thoughts were
going through my mind,maybe i should
have just listened to him,idiot! i don’t
think he would have said anything relevant,if he wanted to,he could have
called a long time ago,or did he not know
my number.I was brought back by the
sound of the taxi drivers loud horn.Driver,
wetin sef? you wan block pesin ear,shoo?i
said with annoyance in my voice.come,no b me make you vex o,if you know wetin
dey vex you beta maintain yoursef o, the
driver replied. I no blame you,na because
say you see me for you useless taxi
na,nonsense,i hissed. When i got home,i
couldn’t help but curse myself for refusing to hear him out,a part of me still wanted
him badly,i kept rewinding his voice in my
head..so soft,i wondered how i was able
to ignore it for the first time.
should i call him? hell no! who does he
think he is? if he really had anything important to tell me,he would have called.
“somebody saaaaavee me”…my phone
was ringing, i knew my superman was
calling…that was his ringing tone.