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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

[Article] Womanifest

They call Her a wife material
She's meant to build the home like a building material
They say She belong to the kitchen; They believe She's a cooking material
Make love and make babies, She's nothing but a making material

They say Her education ends in Her husband's house, She's Her husband's material
She became a dowry because of a few cowry, apparently, She's a business material
Pay Her bride price and make Her pay back the price,after all, She's a priceless material
I will buy another material after using this material when She becomes a useless material

From the days of Eve, She hasn't been relevant, They feel She's an irrelevant material
They believe Her body is the only relevant material
Aside Her two ivories, what else is the elephant's material?
She's a weaker vessel, the fragile container is no elegant material

They blame Her for barrenness and Her husband's misfortune, She's a blaming material
Her wild talents becomes domestic chores, She's being domesticated, a taming material
She's squared within the square, She only walk and work around the area
The reality of Her dreams is only a dreaming material

But in reality,
She's a beautiful material
She's a man made woman, a bigeneric material
She's capable of transforming the world, She's a change material
She's beyond what They think She is, She's a super material

Let a woman manifest, allow Her Womanifest
Let the gender superiority go and allow gender equality manifest
She can go beyond beyond only if We allow Her Womanifest
Allow a woman manifest, let Her Womanifest