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Friday, 15 September 2017

[Story] Broken In (18+) – Episode 8 THE END

‘’eiyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy’’ as she flooded my mouth, nose and face with Kittycat juice which I greedily lapped up. After calming down, she climbed off my face and then lashed onto my Tips, licking and biting them, causing me to gasp and thrash about. Her brother’s thrust had also increased and with a shout and a firm grip on my waist, he slammed into me and then I felt something swarm jet into my inside in spurt after spurt. It seemed that the heat of his eruption inside me sent me over the edge again as I screamed and climaxed once more and then fainted.
I woke up in Susan’s room with his brother sitting on the only chair in the room and Susan lying beside me playing with my Tips. I guess it was the sensation that woke me.
‘’did you enjoy Bleeping my brother? Susan asked as soon as she noticed my eyes open. I averted my gaze as I felt shame creep into me for betraying her.
‘’don’t be ashamed, I know you enjoyed it. We came in together and it was me who asked him to Fork you. I didn’t want you to miss the joys of a bisexual relationship’’ she explained as I stared at her wide eyed. The truth was that I actually enjoyed being with both of them and would rather have both rather than either. It was sweet with her alone, it was sweet with him alone but it was best with both of them together and I could already visualize a situation where a guy would Fork Susan while she is eating my Kittycat!
”Susan, can i bring my friend next time so that he can Fork you? since i cant Fork you, i would like to watch you Forked though” her brother asked as if he could read my mind
”Of course” she giggled, winking at me.
I cant wait to see that, my head already spinning at the various possibities.