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Friday, 15 September 2017

[Story] Broken In (18+) – Episode 7

“Yes,” he mumbled. Over and over again, that same word, “Yes.”
Meanwhile I was lost. The pain was there, but something more, too: pleasure. Pleasure at the feeling of having my Kittycat pierced apart, the throbbing of it made it feel different from all the dildos I had stuffed in it before. This thing stuffing me has a mind of its own. I felt very full as he entered me, his thick Joystick moving inside my most sensitive member. My insides were churning, but deep in my heart I felt an excitement such as I’d never felt before. My body began to tingle and my Kittycat began to squeeze. He seemed to like the challenge of getting his hard Joystick inside my inexperienced Kittycat and his fingernails dug into my soft young flesh as he continued to force himself inside my small body.
It felt like it went on forever. My arms and legs shook violently against my will at the feeling of being truly Forked for the first time. Hours passed, inside my head, as I felt every inch of his weapon impale me. In reality, only seconds had gone by before he was planted all the way inside my young body. The man was panting on me at this point, almost giggling. “That’s a good little cunt,” he breathed. Tears trickled out of my eyes as that tingling joy from my heart began to spread throughout my small form.
Orgasms suddenly racked me. They came out of nowhere, so unexpectedly. Good ole orgasms: I was cumming. Their power over me became my world. I could barely think. He began to thrust himself in and out of me and that made the orgasms absolutely explode. I lost sight of everything. Suddenly I wanted this to be my reality for all time. Suddenly I felt no shame about it. In and out his Joystick entered me, ripping into me, and all I wished for was that he would do more. Grip my tits. Play with my asshole. Tickle my clit. Anything! I kept cumming and cumming and then one giant one hit me that made me scream so loud that I was sure that it would bring the entire house down.
Then I felt and smelt Kittycat on my face forcing me to open my eyes that had been tightly shut. And looking down on me with her legs spread and her Kittycat on my face was Susan my lover! I gasped, totally shocked as the shame came flooding back to compete with the pleasure inside me. But she just grinned and grind her Kittycat to my face forcing me to open my mouth and lap up the juice flowing copiously from her Kittycat. She was pinching my hard Tips and giggling at her brother as she rode my face. The Joystick in my Kittycat was still going hard and fast at impaling me and Susan was grinding faster and faster as Pour flowed the more from her Kittycat. I was almost choking from trying to scream with pleasure and sucking up the juice flowing forcefully into my mouth. My body felt like molten fire and I became like a zombie as I concentrated on eating Susan to an orgasm so that I could enjoy the Joystick in me. a part of me wondered why I had not Forked a guy before and I felt momentarily sad at the pleasure I had missed. But another part rejoiced in having Susan on my face and a Joystick in my Kittycat at the same time.
Susan started screaming and grinding harder and faster on my face and I had to intensify my sucking of her Kittycat at it was obvious that she was close to cumming. Meanwhile her brother was just pounding away at my Kittycat which was tightly gripping his Joystick and glorying in his prowess. Susan rode my face hard and then screamed
To Be Continued…