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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

[Story] Bra Boi (18+) – Episode 5

However, as I continued with the fitting in of both Bosom, one thing started becoming already obvious, and that was the fact that I zealously and cautiously avoided her areolas! They were both almost entirely out and clearly visible from the mirror before us, but other than occasionally eye them up – and my Joystick pulsating on each single look – I made sure I carefully avoided them! Of course they were very charming, being outrageously large and spread out so widely across the end of her breasts! And so dark and thick-looking! But then, I was likely going to be thought to be out of my mind if my hands ever touched them despite being in a task that made it very unlikely. Or so I thought, because barely a minute into thinking this, she began rebuking me again!
“You are making this thing take too much time boy…” as she said so, she grabbed my right hand and heavily dropped it on her visibly heaving tits! “…push these breasts in. How can you do that by just remaining on one corner? Eh? Behave like a man or are you afraid of the breasts?!”
I was practically swept off my feet by that single charge! Frankly though, I was undeniably afraid and very uncomfortable. Even the hand that was dropped on the right boob shook like a weightless tree-spine. But I had to proceed. The embarrassment had just gone too far. So I began pushing and pressing the plump flesh of the Bosom in, running my finger along the inside of the cup. She seemed to relax as soon as I did that, and even raised her arm a bit to create additional room. Thankfully, it looked like we were making progress because within a minute or two, a greater portion of her left boob was comfortably within the cup of the bra, leaving us with the tip where the areola and Tip were. At first, I tried ignoring it to quickly switch to the other Tip, but she instantly called my attention back to it using her own hands to grab the cup by way of explanation. That pushed the entire brassiere up and as a result, the Tip momentarily slipped out entirely, before slipping back in just as soon! My Joystick felt like bursting open!
“Ohk…okay ma” was my reply as I returned my hands to the said boob and began working to get the tip buried within the cup of the brassiere! My Joystick was harder than the Rock of Gibraltar now and even in an attempt to have a clearer view of what I was doing from her right hand side, I ‘unfortunately’ poked the stiff boner right into the lady’s fleshy Buttocks! Time stopped! And I even paused in my act! But she didn’t react! In fact, she quickly raised a hand instead, to support the brassiere. And that encouraged me to resume just as quickly as she did that. But then, when I cleverly tried pulling my pelvis back to terminate the contact my burning boner was making with her semi-Unclad Buttocks, she surprisingly fell back into me as quickly! And even made the contact much more elaborate! She was on panty quite alright, but my Joystick rather easily soon found itself nestled between both her Buttocks cheeks! When I tried expressing my ‘ worry’ with what was suddenly playing out, she timely interrupted by grabbing my hand again and ‘forcing’ it into the cup of her right Bosom and just under her Tips; which I found rather taut than normal!
“If we can fit them in then we are finished with this side” was her explanation as I also noticed her Buttocks bend further into me!
“Oh…” was all that could come out of my mouth as I began rolling Tip, flesh and areola between my fingers in an attempt to get them fit into the fancy brassier!
Predictably, my Joystick basically arched by now and I was even feeling a bit of moistness around the place it was nuzzled in my bum-pant. My costumer’s reaction wasn’t helping either as I was now beginning to wonder if she wasn’t even up to something herself! Moreover, each time my fingers flimsily grazed her Tip she either jerked slightly albeit abruptly or sighed! She had a sensitive Tip no doubt! But how that was supposed to matter or be exploited in a lingerie shop still bemused me. Between, she still hadn’t lifted her Buttocks off my crotch since then, and my Joystick was having a hell of a stimulation! When I tried pulling the rest of the tip of her Bosom in after succeeding with a portion of it, I inevitably grabbed her areola as well! She didn’t only hiss this time, but also let her head fall back a little! This was when I knew our business had taken a different track on the night! Of course, I still succeeded in getting the entire boob in, but she quickly adjusted herself to give me space to switch focus to the left boob. All without moving her Buttocks one inch away from my hard Joystick! When I slightly bent in to pick up the mound of heaving flesh, I was forced to drill my hardness further into her! And the mirror before us, showed her biting her lower lip just then!
To Be Continued…

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