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Friday, 13 October 2017

Campus babe episode 4

“Well I want to apologise for ignoring you
all these while,I’ve just been trying to sort
myself out and recover from the way you
treated me,I’ve not been able to…I dnt
think I can continue with this anymore,I
love you,I really do but I can’t take another episode of that kind of nonsense
which you displayed the other day, you
dnt owe me any explanation or apologies
I think its best we stay apart at least for
now,this was a hard decision to
make..bbutt… Just know that I still love you” femi said.
I couldn’t believe what I had just heard,I
wish h he had never called at least that
way I could keep hope alive,how could he
be so harsh,because of something as little
as that(I call it little because I have heard
about worse in relationships) he was really acting like the egocentric idiots
(some guys are)…how can you quit a
relationship with someone you love
because of somthing like this. I was
greatly disappointed and haert-broken..
Two weeks had past since Femi’s break-
up call,I had lost weight due to thinking
and not eating,I had become a shadow of
myself…all my friends had told me to get
over Femi,they had tried hooking me up
with some guys just to help me get over him,but it wsnt successful. If femi,had
told me he didn’t love me anymore,it
would have been easier for me to move
on,but this wasn’t the case,he really
emphasised on the statement “I love you”
before hanging up.why did he have to put me in a state of emotional
imprisonment..it was hard for me to
forget him and start another
relationship,after two years of loving the
love of my life.
During my period of emotional heart- break,I couldn’t concentrate well on my
academic work(it was that bad),my
roomate wanted to call my mum,but I
pleaded with her not to,because I knew
my mum was gonna march down to my
school,if she found out I was involved with a boy in anyway-to her,I was too
young to have anything to do with any
boy, and she had the mentality that every
boy-girl relationship involved s*x. After
much pep talks a nd advice sessions from
my roomate(garnished with threats to call my mum),I decided to get back on my
feet and ignore anything that had to do
with boys(at least for the rest of the
semester). I was still recovering from my distress
when I met another shocker, I saw femi
at “OUR” favorite chat spot with another