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Friday, 13 October 2017

Campus babe episode 3

I immediately left for the snacks bar,and
bought him a bottle of coca cola and
meatpie,I wondered within myself “what
are my coursemates going to think?that a
girl like me could be subjected to such
humiliation” I knew that this incidence was going to lower their respect for me. Femi started eating,and there was silence
on our table I just sat there watching
chuks and Femi,who were sitting
opposite each other, Femi was giving me
a look that indicated his disappointment
and this made me look away.on the other hand, Chuks had this soft look in his eyes,
the kind of look that could comfort
someone in distress.
I looked towrds the
area wher my coursemates sat, as soon as
they say my eyes they all pretended to be
doing somethign else,but I knew they were watching us. Femi finished his meal and cleared his
throat,he apologised to chuks and
extended his hands for a handshake
accompanied with a smile, chuks
accepted his handshake and his

Femi got up from his seat,greeted Chuks and left without
saying a word to me. I tried to signal him
to stop,but he didn’t respond. On a normal
day I would run up to him and plead with
him till he decides to change his mind,but
this day was not a normal day,My coursemates were watching,they had
already enjoyed the previous episode,I
couldn’t afford to create another one. Few minutes after Femi left,chuks and I
decided to go home and so did our course
mates. Chuks and I walked ahead of them
since we all decided to trek,I apologised
to chuks and he said it was okay,that the
person I really needed to apologise to was Femi, I knew this but I just couldn’t
figure out a way to and this made me
really moody,but before we got to the
schOol gate,i was already cracked up with
laughter from chuks and his funny
jokes.one thing that amazed me was how my course mates kept shut about what
they just watched,not even one of them
asked what went wrong, I had a feeling
they were going to ask Chuks later.

We said goodbye and retired to our various
destinations for the evening.
I couldn’t rest when I got home,I kept
dialing his number though he cut my call
whenever he saw it,I knew this because
whenever I dialled his number it
read”number busy”…I didn’t give up,I
kept sending apology text messages for two days,I even sent some christian
messages just to make him know I was
sorry,all of these were to no avail. Within
those two days,I visited his place up to 4
times, his roomate kept saying he was
not around. My sorryness was turned into anger,so he
has decided to ignore me right? I’ve done
worse things and it didn’t take him so
much time to forgive me,since he has
decided to ignore me,I’ll ignore him
too,he would be the one to beg for my calls,my pride got the better of me and i
resolved to ignore him and anything that
has to do with him until he comes back
begging(which he usally does),afterall,i
had tried. Unfortunately,I didn’t know
there was more to come… I thought I could carry on well without
Femi, I forgot all we had been through in
our first year in school,if not for his
assistance I wouldn’t have paid my school
fees on time ,I decided to forget all the
good times we had, all the times he had been there for me(too many to count).
I let my pride overrule my love for him, I
kept saying to myself”afterall,I’m pretty
and intelligent almost any guy I like
would want to go out with me, who does
Femi even think he is?” These thoughts greatly affected my actions,I decided to
pay no more visits and ignore his call and
instead spend more time with chuks at
least that way I could overlook the feeling
of loneliness I was experiencing.
unfortunately, I couldn’t really stick to my decisions, in fact no day passed without
me dialing his number,I kept thinking of
him (dnt blame me,the guy was my FIRST
love,wats a girl gonna do?) After two weeks of no contact,I jumped
to the conclusion that Femi and I were
through,I had to deal with a strange
feeling of heartbreak accompanied with
depression. It took me about a month to
get over Femi,,I couldn’t bear the thought that I had lost femi,at some point I got
worried but my pride wouldn’t let me dial
his number again, “two weeks is enough,
he has to be the one to call first” I kept
saying this to myself. One week later, my
phone rang and although I deleted Femi’s phone number,I still knew his phone
number in my head. As soon as I saw his
number,I felt joy inside and hurriedly
picked his call. “My superman(I usually called him that),I
said with a playful voice…hey! what’s up
he replied with a very formal voice.
immediately he said this,I knew he
wanted to say something serious.
“There’s something I would like to tell you,he said with a more serious tone…