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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

[Story] Sister Adesewa (True Life Story) – Episode 5

It was Bode that woke me up the following morning.
He told me his dad’s burial had been fixed for the next
weekend,and there’s no money.
He told me how his dad’s family members started blaming his
mum for not giving them adequate information about his dad’s
illness before the old man eventually passed away.
All these stories made me love the woman more.
At last,he decided to go.I saw him off to the door,and he suddenly
turned back,hugged me and gave me a peck.
I came back to the room,and started thinking of how i could help
Bode and his mum concerning the burial.
The only source i had was my dad,but i wasnt sure he would even
send money again this month ending as i was having a feeling he
sent the last one because of my birthday.
But then I couldn’t wait till the end of the month, to know if he would send me money or not as the burial was fixed on 29th of April. So then what am I going to do?

“Oh Yes!..I have an idea.I will call my dad that i need money. But
what if he asked what i need it for,what will i say?..
I will tell him somebody is sick and that the doctor said he needs
surgery,but there’s no money,so,i wish i could render any little
assistance within my reach…Can you be of help sir?”.
That was exactly what i did.
He said “Who is this sick person?”.
“It’s one of the corpers sir”.I lied.
“Ok.Since it’s something that has to do with life,i will try and send
any amount i can between now and tomorrow. My regards to him.
We’ll remember him in our prayers”.
“Thank you dad. Love you sir.” I hung up.
Then,my conscience pricked me gently “you just told a lie!.. How
disappointed would your dad be if he found out!.”
I felt bad,but i quickly consoled myself by a thought “what
could i have done?. How would he know?.Who will tell him?..he
cant know!.”
Almost immediately,i was relieved.
I expected an alert from the bank throughout that day,to no
avail,the following day too,no alert,but on the third day,i received
an alert of N50,000.

Wow!. I quickly called Bode after withdrawing the money,to come
and meet me at home after school hours,by then,it was just 2
days to the burial,27th April.
When he got to my room,i said “how much have you been able to
get now for the burial?.”
He said nothing..that his mum’s sister who promised to send an
amount of money last week failed,but just received a message
from her that morning that she would see what she can do by
I opened my bag and gave him the 50,000 my dad sent. He opened his mouth and couldn’t shut it.
He held me tightly,kissed me…….and before we both knew it, we did did it………