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Monday, 30 October 2017

[Articles] "Our BEST is Yet to Come" GBAGYI.

One Noah Berya H. Kallamu wrote:
(pls carefully read)

GBAGYIS are the most territorially blessed people in the middlebelt, they occupy the largest land mass area of the middlebelt, more than even the TIVS who are the largest group of the middlebelt in population.

They (Gwaris) are also amongst the major tribes in the region, but i really wonder why these people have never really produced significant men to be reckoned with in Nigeria. Even my own group in Plateau state as small as we are even less than the size of a LGA, I can boast that we have produced more significant people in Nigeria than the Gbagyis.

Am very sorry to ask this question, but are the GBAGYIS a cursed people? For those who would want to argue with me about the Gbagyis occupying the largest land area of the middlebelt, the Gbagyis are found indigenously to 4 states of the middlebelt and they are the majority in the whole of the FCT.

In Niger state where the largest Gbagyi population is, they are found indigenously in 10 LGAs. In Kaduna state the same Gbagyis are found in 6 LGAs more than any other groups of the state apart from hausas. In Nasarawa state, they are found in 4 LGAs and in Kogi state only 1, plus the 6 LGAs of FCT which they are the dominant group, making a total of 27 LGAs they are found indigenously in Nigeria. Tivs are found indigenously in only about 22 LGAs, in the whole federation, ijaws are found in only 24, all the rest middlebelt groups are in 15 or less number of LGAs.

The only very influential Gbagyi person that has been reckoned with nationally and celebrated was a gbagyi woman LATE LADI KWALI (the woman behind the 20 naira note) who was a potter, she wasn't even an educated person, she was just a very skilled old woman in local pot making and it managed to take her quite far.

People say that IBB and Abdulsalami are Gbagyis just because they claim to be from Minna, but both men are never Gbagyis, although Abdulsalami's mother is Gbagyi.

Tivs, Nupes, Idoma, igala & Ebiras and even other smaller groups of the middlebelt have produced governors, head of state, senate & deputy senate presidents, secretary to head of states but the Gbagyis have only produced common senators as their highest political achievement despite their very large population and great land territory in Nigeria.

The Gbagyis are the native owners of 3 very powerful cities in Nigeria like Kaduna, Abuja and Minna, but nothing to show forth for this. Sometimes i really look at this people and wonder what the hell is their problem. This is why am asking if they are cursed people. Because i just dont seem to understand at all.

MY EMPHASIS (Theotanko):
We are not cursed but blessed. We are however afraid to face challenges. We are afraid to break all the chains that seems to weigh us down. No tribe is better than us. We are gifted but until we rise up and face our greatest enemy which is us we would forever remain the same but God forbid. In addition, most of the ethnic groups used as examples are 'more' united than us. Take Niger state for instance, the most divide Gbagyi people are found in Niger and until they are or we aren't united in Niger state we'd remain slaves of this century. Our strength is our Unity; our unity is our strength. GBAGYI IS NOT A CURSED RACE.

We've never been cursed hut we've always been blessed beyond measure, we've only failed to realise that until we delve into the impossible we only would keep lamenting. I dare say that soon the world would not only be presented with Gbagyi senators but president and what have you.

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