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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

[Story] 3 Sisters And A Corper – Episode 4

I went and bought the drinks to them asthey drank we discuss thing, I got to know
rach better and during this time funmi
noticed that I wasn’t into fat chick and rach
new my interest was on her, we chatted
until funmi said she wants to go so we
accompanied her to a point and I gave her
transport she said thanx and left us as we
were going back home I said
Me: na wa oh u wan kill me look at what u
brought to keep me company, that wan na
die oh.
Rach: hahahaha so na who u want na.
Me: you
Rach: me? U sure
Me: very sure
Rach: ok oh but u re funmi sha what makes
u think she’ll kill u
Me: did u see her size? I someone like u,
possibly u urself
Rach: u re serious oh
Me: u don’t have any idea.
When we got to our compounds we said
our byes and went our separate ways, I
enter my room, could not sleep so I came
out and sat on a heap of sand in front of
our house, suddenly my fone vibrated,
when I checked the phone its an SMS from
Rach’s number, the sms read as follow.
“Are u in the house, I am coming over to ur
After reading this I went straight to my
room and adjusted myself, few minutes
later, I heard a knock,
*korkorkor* I hurried to the door, opened
it, it was tolu in front of me
Me: tolu! What are u doing here? *thinking
her sister might still come over*
Tolu: sir, I missed u that’s why I sent u the
text with my sister’s phone
Me: *i sighed a sigh of relief but she didn’t
code* ah! Ok but don’t u think its too late
too come here now?
Tolu: I know, so I won’t stay long but told
them am going to buy something.
Me: but I still think u shouldn’t have come
by this time of the night its past 9pm
Tolu: I’m sorry sir,
Me: no problems but I hope u deleted that
text from her phone
Tolu: yes sir I did
Me: ok come
She came I hugged her and told her to go
home and she left
*(talking to myself…) Oboy see small small
girls oh, shoo, them get mind oh.*
After about a week, everything was going
fine in school, at home, with the CT’s
family, viewing center where I watch
matches. One saturday even I was bored so
I called Rach on phone
Rach: hiii babe, hw re u
Me: not too gud just bored
Rach: eh yaa so wat do I do nw? I am in
my place oh, ok u knw wat by 7pm I will be
coming to ur place but I won’t stay long
maybe by 8 I’ll going back to my house.
Me: ok at least an hour of ur time would do
a lot. I am expecting u. *call ends*
I went outside to kill time with tolu, funke
and samson there brother and their
mother, we talked and laughed untill my
phone rang then I received the call, it was
Rach’s call so I told them that I was going
out to watch a match a the viewing centre,
and that I will come late in the night so I
left and went home. After about 15min she
opened my door entered, she was putting a
jeans and blue top that brought out the
contour lines of her big bubba spax, I
approached her and hugged her tightly
then released her,
Me: why did u dress like this, didn’t u see
ur mother and siblings outside,*cuz the
father don’t allow them to dress in such
Rach: its just disguise, u knw its late so
they might not recognize me, anyway I
entered through the back road, so nobody
saw me coming
*for my mind, ehn ok na*
We sat on my foam chatted for like 10min
then I laid my head on her laps and my left
hand behind her back and started slow
smooching and she used her right hand to
smooch my head the other hand on chest
while still chat, suddenly I sat up facing her
then a kiss on her lip, we kissed, I slowly
lay her on the bed face up while continue
the kiss, I remove her top she return the
favor by removing my singlet, we continued
to kiss deeply and starts to move her waist,
I unhook d bra releasing those big yogurt
pump, I roll my right palm on the hard tit,
kiss her neck then began to moan softly
and still moving her waist up and down, I
move to her right bubbs, used my tongue
to roll on the tit nd I put my mouth and
Uhhhhhhhh!! Ahhhhhhhh!! Hmmmmmm!!
Yeeeeessss, she was just scattering my hair
with her both hands as moans, I move to
the other bobbs sucking hell out of it while
she moans heavily, I freed her bobbs and
went down with little little pecs to the
abdomen as she shivers, I unbuttoned the
jean and then she said wait she’ll do it
herself, she pulled everything while pulled
mine same time and collected my CD and
wore it and went back to my kissing, I pec
below her belly button and her inner side
of the lap, put my finger in the otus at the
same time used the thumb to rub the clit,
she moaned and jerked and scratched my
head in pleasure,
Uhhhhhhhhh! Hmmmmmm!
u will kill meeeeeeee!
Oooooooooo! Put it inside!, put it inside!,
put it inside! Then I placed her left leg on
my shoulder and drive my dickson and she
moaned hmmmmmmnnnn! I starts
pounding slowly at first then the tempo
increased as I pound all she was saying was
Yeah! Hit it, yeah yeah f**k me f**k me
f**k me, f**k f**k.f**k f**k ooohh yeah!
I raised the second leg up to my shoulder
and continue the pounding and grabbed the
bed tightly, we sexed for like 15min the she
tapped me fast as she were in pain and
My legs my legs my legs, I maintained the
position for another 45sec at least, then i
drop the legs and we change position, this
time I lied on my back and she positioned
on top of my Joystick with her back facing me,
rode on my joystick as I enjoy every bit of it
and its sound it produced like
*Proop, proop, proop, proop, prap, prap,
prap fruup fruup, oh I enjoyed every bit of
We blasted in the position for 20min.
I bend her and entered from behind and
blasted for 3min then we re-position to
missionary and blasted for 5min and we
both cummed and I fell on the on the bed
and we laughed and chat for 7min and all
slept off.