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Friday, 22 September 2017

Nollywood actress Chika Ike thinks she is getting fatter in her new photos

Actress Chika Ike is dreadful of weight gain - The pretty actress recently shared a nice photo of herself but with worry she has gained weight - The demands of certain beauty standards must be hitting Chika Nollywood diva, Chika Ike wants it all. The currently enrolled student at Harvard University is not afraid to express that she wants all the money, education, beauty and material wealth life has to offer. 

In a recent post, Miss Ike shared a really pretty photo of herself but was scared she might have added weight and suggestively added that she needs to hit the gym soon
In the post which was shared on her Instagram page, she said: "Oh Lord! My cheeks !!! My collarbone has disappeared!!. I think I have to hit the gym and shed some weight ASAP.... what do you think?" Most fans thinks she looks beautiful of course but all that work she did to get that drop dead gorgeous is never seen.
We can't wait to see just how hot she will look if she finally decides to hit the gym.