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Friday, 22 September 2017

Naija Jokes- Question Tags

Teacher: Today, We are talking about “Question Tags”.
Examples; She is Coming, isn’t she?. They have eaten, haven’t they?.
Teacher: Who can give another Example?.
Jonso: we are goin to chop the yam today, Chopn’t we?
Teacher: What kind of sentence is that? Please who can Correct him?
Chipo: Teacher don’t mind him jare, the correct one is, we are going to chop the yams today, Yamn’t we?
The teacher fainted!

The Question
Haruna to Habiba.
I need to ask u something that has kept me awake, giving me sleepless nights and I want you to be honest with me. It might be awkward between us after this but I have to know how you feel.
I have kept it in mind for a while now but I think its finally time i’ll be straight up and just confront you. I hope this dosen’t ruin the relationship we already have. I just need to know and I don’t see another way I could get over this but ask. Just be honest and true dear. How much is cabin biscuit in ur area?