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The goal of African Stories is to provide writers with an easy way to publish and promote their work and to provide readers with access to the best Naija creative writing on the Web, organized and cataloged for easy browsing. On Naija Stories;
Writers can:
Post novel excerpts, short stories, poetry, and more.
Receive and respond to comments.
Submit links to creative writing published elsewhere
Make it onto the site’s Top 5 featured stories for the day or week by views and comments.
Readers can:
Serve as editors, give feedback and critique
Determine which work receives more exposure on the homepage
Comment, rate and vote.
Become a fan and subscribe to receive writer updates.
Communicate, interact, and support your favorite writers.
Does this cost anything?
It’s free to publish and read.
Do I retain ownership of my work?
Yes, absolutely. You retain full rights to your work and may do with it as you please.
How can I get my writing on African  Stories?
There are two ways to get your writing included on African  Stories. You can either publish it directly on the site. In this case, your content will appear on a African Stories page and you can then promote it to your friends and the social media, FB and Twitter.
Or, you can add your writing to your own blog and then link to it from African  Stories.
In both cases, your writing will appear in the archives.
I have my writing published on another site. Can I still include it on African  Stories?
Yes. You can link to that piece of content from African Stories. We only allow links directly to a short story, novel, poem, or some other creative piece of content. Links to the homepages of websites, the front of your blog, or non-relevant content will be deleted.
Can I include someone else’s writing that I’ve enjoyed on African Stories?
Yes, but you have to be sure that you have permission, and you show clearly that you are not the original author by attributing their name to the piece. You must also respect fair use by adding only a portion of their writing not more than 30% and then using links to direct others there as far as it has been published online somewhere.
Why should I add my writing to African Stories? Several reasons:
  • Flexibility. We give you tools to publish your work on the site or link to work published elsewhere. No other Nigerian creative writing site on the Web does that.
  • Control. As an author you retain full ownership of your work.
  • Exposure. African  Stories is visited by many readers eager to find interesting writing to read. The site also optimizes your work so that it is found by readers searching via the search engines – Google, etc.
  • Fun. Writers and readers on the site enjoy meeting one another, bondings over common likes, and inspiring each other to future literary endeavors.
  • Mission. Be a part of something bigger. Help us build the largest organized database of creative and literary writing out of Nigeria.
  • Free. Doing all of this is completely free.
Why should I publish on African  Stories rather than on my regular blog?
We encourage our members if they can, to maintain their own blogs. However, African  Stories is created specifically for Nigerian creative writing and literature which a blog is not. Organizing your writing on a blog is not easy, and getting feedback or attracting and keeping readers is even harder. Here, African  Stories provides you an instant audience of published authors, fellow writers, readers and literature lovers, and gives you tools to connect with them. Your best work gets featured on the front page if you make it into the best of the day or week with high views or comments. When posting, you can equally embed images, audio and video, and you can send private messages to tell your readers about your latest news and keep tabs of your fans.
Also, you’re allowed to post links to your blog in the stories you share on African  Stories and add your work to the archive. It’s free and it will only drive more readers and visitors to your blogs or websites.
We welcome comments and suggestions. (admin@Africanstories.com)
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