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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Funny Students’ Life and Stories


*When your lecturer and another lecturer are arguing over who owns a venue. You be praying your lecturer loses the argument #OAUstories

*Ever gone to the HealthCenter to complain of Eye problem and you are given paracetamol? #OAUstories
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*One 400L guy will just come from nowhere and will use tutorial and past questions to collect the babe you’ve been nurturing since PD
A;Where do you stay?
B; I stay in maintenance.
A; you are a big girl O 🙌

*one monitoring-spirit called “Friend” that will never visit on days you soak “Garri”, until you manage to fry dodo #OAUstories”

*ASUU,NASU,SUG,SECURITY will decide to go on strike,even town gboro buses too…all in one school #OAUstories”

*Have you ever been so blank in an exam hall, that you spend the remaining 1 hour calculating your GP. #OAUstories”

*We are always writing names for everything
You see a list going round; you dont knw what its for oh, but the next thing is “pls write my name” #OAUstories”

*If rats have never eaten your fingers or toes, your #OAUstories aint complete

*Light goes off… Students in hostel: Omole ku ise(Omole well done) #OAUstories

*You’re cooking rice and someone from the third room comes to tell you “please remember that I don’t like too much pepper” #OAUstories

*OAU fellowships sends you text messages, your GF reads it and thinks they are from another girl #OAUstories

*You go to AUD to read from Angola by 9pm and sleep all night, You get to your room by 6am and your roommates starts shouting “iwe, iwe, iwe” #OAUstories

*You’re bathing in a bathroom, you hear a voice from the next bathroom “Baba ah fit use your soap” #OAUstories

*You join boycott just because you have not done your assignment #OAUstories

*Awo hall has a way of installing some madness in you, even if you’re Kumuyi’s first son #OAUstories
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*You don’t walk past social sciences basement with anything white, they’ll think you wanna photocopy

*The day mum visited me at Awo hall, naso awoites begin dey sing, “our mummy is a JAMBITE, iya iya o o o”

*That awkward moment in Awo hall block 2 when someone in the 3rd floor pours down soap water and you want to start contesting and he yells out you ..why did you not allow my water to reach the ground?

*OAU: where a lecturer will send out the whole class and teach an empty class for 1hr. Then, calls everybody back in and sets test on what he has taught for the last one hour.
That moment you rushed for a 7am FA lecture @ AUD 1 and to make it faster, u took a bike from ETF. And as you got down from the bike, looking for money in your wallet,you heard your class rep saying- eehhhhmm, The class will no longer hold, I called the lecturer. #OAUStories

#OAUStories p for ya.*

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Is this not true? #OAUStudents