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Sunday, 29 October 2017

[Story] Sister Adesewa (True Life Story) – Episode 14

So,u see my dear,dir’s nobody without a past,but it doesn’t
matter how ugly ur past is,a bright future awaits u if u are
in Christ Jesus..said Mrs Williams.
Now,to ur situation. She continued..We must find a means by which ur parents would hear about it,n then we take it up from there.
Let me talk to my husband about it,as i cant handle ds
alone,then i’ll get back to u.
When she left,i started thinking..i was so blessed n
encouraged by her testimony,at least to learn dt someone
with such an ugly past could turn out to be a pastor with ds
motherly love n gesture is so amazing.

Her words made me to develop a kind of courage n inner confidence coupled
with faith dt God who made a way for her,is still dir to
make a way for me too.
Again,i remembered my dad!.
I sighed. Next weekend,he would be marking his 60th
birthday,n expected me to be dir. How would i do it Lord?.
Later in d evening,Mrs Williams came to me n said “I’m
sorry,i had to discuss ur case with my husband,its not my
usual way of handling matters,but in a situation like ds,he
just have to be involved. Like i told u earlier,i can’t handle
it alone.”
“No problem ma”.I said.
“Now,we have decided to go with u to Lagos to attend ur
dad’s birthday,n thereby,use d opportunity to break d news
to him n other members of d family.”
I could hear my heart beat fast, infact I almost fainted. “When exactly is the birthday?” She asked. “Its Friday ma” I answered. “Oh I thought its saturday.
“D birthday falls on Friday,n he doesn’t want to shift it to
Saturday,since dir’s a public holiday dt Friday”. I said.
“Dt’s beautiful then,we’ll leave on Friday morning,grace d
occasion with him n break d news later in d evening when
all d guests have left.”
And,dt was just what we did.
My dad n everybody was shocked!.
“Adesewa temi?..No it’s a lie!. How can i believe ds?.How
come?.How did it happen?. Where would i hide my face in d church?,among my christian friends?.What will i tell my
pastor?.Ahhhh Yetunde!.I never expected ds from u. Oh my
God!!.” My mum was just weeping. My sisters n i were weeping too.
Later,my dad said “Go with ur pastor o,i don’t want to see
u. U’ve put me to shame. I don’t want to set my eyes on u”.
We all knelt down n started begging him with tears flowing
in our eyes,but he declined.
He was too hurt. I knew why it was so painful for him. He was so proud of me,always treating me as his only daughter.
At a time,Pastor Williams excused him to his room,where
they spoke for about an hour.
Pastor Mrs also took my mum to d corridor for a private

By d time they came back,my dad was a bit calm,but i
could see he was still boiling.
D next day,i left with d Williams to Oyan.
My dad never called since then,it was only mummy dt was
calling me from time to time to ask about my welfare n to
encourage me. Inever knew she was dt loving.
I was staying with my pastor n his family as Mrs Williams
didnt allow me to go back to my house.
When we came back from Lagos,Mrs Williams said “Now call Bode,tell him to come home n see u,and tell him that you will not terminate the pregnancy, let’s hear what he will have to say