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Monday, 30 October 2017

Story] My Boyfriend Cheated on Me for My Best Friend – Episode 1

A story by RachlS 
“I want a boyfriend.” Chloe announced, reaching out for a block of chocolate.
“Chloe! How many times do I have to keep telling you? You don’t need one.” Chloe’s best friend replied, throwing Chloe an exasperated look.
“Easy for you to say Miss Popular.”
“I’m not popular.” Bridgette said, looking at Chloe with a confused expression.
“Piss off.” Chloe laughed.
Bridgette and Chloe had both been born a week apart at different sides of the world, Bridgette in England and Chloe in Australia, and the pair had met when they were both entering year five at a new school, where they had instantly became the closest of friends.
Both girls contrasted greatly against the other, with Bridgette’s long dark hair to Chloe whom had short blonde hair, almost identical to her crazy younger brother Zayn.
“You’ve got an amazing boyfriend.”
“So, you’ve had like fifty and I’ve had none, it’s not right.” Chloe replied back, getting up and switching channels on the T.V.
“You make me sound desperate, I have not had fifty boyfriends I’ve only had like four.” Chloe rolled her eyes at this remark. “Plus, your boy will come soon I promise. Oi save the chocolate!”
Chloe giggled, “It’s good though!”
Bridgette stuffed half a slice of pizza in her mouth and attempted to yank the chocolate away from Chloe, before she started gagging.
“Ewww!” Cried Chloe, backing away from Bridgette laughing. “You’re going to choke! Can you even breathe?!”
Bridgette nearly spat out the pizza there and then as she cried with laughter, but she managed to control herself to run to the bathroom quickly. Chloe laughed hard but when Bridgette was gone she put her head in her hands and groaned in annoyance. All she wanted was a boyfriend that would cuddle and kiss her and-
“Are you girls ready for bed?” Chloe’s Mum came through with her striped pajamas on.
“Nah not yet we still have to finish all this.” But looking at the giant mound of junk food herself, she felt sick.
“No way, you can eat that another time.”
“Can we finish it tomorrow then?”
Chloe’s Mum laughed, “Yeah alright.”
Chloe jumped up, “Yay okay we’re going to bed now.”
Her Mum smirked and started to clean up the mess.
“Hey Chloe!” Bridgette’s voice shouted through. “Why isn’t this toilet flushing?”
Chloe’s Mum straightened up and looked at her daughter, “You didn’t tell her that it didn’t work did you?”
“Whoops.” Chloe put a hand over her mouth and giggled. “Don’t worry, it doesn’t work!” She yelled back.
Her best friends’ head appeared at the door, “You kidding me right?”
“No, why?”
Bridgette grimaced, “Because there is a mushy pizza slice floating around at the bottom of your toilet.”
With that, Chloe burst out laughing.