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Sunday, 29 October 2017

[Story] Campus Babe — The End (Episode 8)

Sometimes, life takes us places we never
thought we could be and makes us
realise some mistakes we made but
shouldn’t have in the first place. On my
way to meet charles,I was involved in a
car accident. The driver of the taxi lost control of the sterring whEel,the next
thing I realised was that the car started
swirling about 360 degrees,this
happened in four consecutive sessions. I
had never felt so close to dying,I really
thought I was going to die,I covered both ears with my left and right hand and shut
my eyes tightly,images of the people I
love began to flash;my mum,my dad,my
siblings and my superman-Femi…
Shortly after the vigorous spin and the
continous shouting of “JESUS” by myself and the rest members of the vehicle,I
opened my eyes and looked upwrds
thankfully for the gift of life.I took it
upon myself that I had just been given a
second chance to make things right.I
knew it was a miracle(how else would you explain coming out of a vehicle with
FOUR deflated tyres,without even a
The whole experience was really
traumatic for me,I couldn’t tell Femi
though we talked,but I told charles. After
telling him what happened,Charles was
willing to love me with his life,but then I
realised that I couldn’t even pretend to love him. Femi was the one and only guy
I’ve ever loved.I coulndt stand charles’
presence around me,he was a really cute
guy with a big heart but I just couldn’t do
it. I felt really bad but two days after,I
came clean with him and told him I only wanted to use him.I apologized to him
and he forgave me.
Finally,the holidays were over and we
were back to school.Femi and I got back
together and I told him about my
previous plans to make him jealous and he simply smiled and with that soft
charming voice(the type I was a sU-Cker
for),he said “what’s meant to be will be,
and that’s what we are;MEANT TO BE. I’ll
always love you” After this,I said “I’ll
always love you too” and we kissed,there and then on the road
(though it was late in the evening)…
while strolling down with him,I realised
how much I loved him,so much that
somtimes it scares me.