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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

(PDF) Life After School.

Life after School.

What will you do after school?

It’s your last year as an undergrad;
congratulations on getting to the final
lap successfully! But it’s not quite time
to relax yet. In fact, your work starts

In reality, your final year is your most
important year yet. In addition to
being your last shot at landing that
babe, or guy, that’s been your crush
since first year so you don’t play 4-0,
this year is one chance to get it right
across a number of important fronts.

Every year, almost 50% of the 10
million graduates produced in 668
African universities have no jobs .
What’s more, there is a finite number
of the kinds of jobs you want. The
good news is, those jobs exist, but –
here’s the catch – they await candidates who show that they
deserve them.

As if the scramble for the available jobs
wasn’t bad enough, there’s also the
employability challenge.

A good
number of the top employers continue
to complain that graduates come in
unprepared for work. So, it’s a no￾brainer that the candidates likely to
land the most wanted jobs are those
who come in ready with work skills.

So, you have this final year to get it
right, and become the most
employable candidate. This might
likewise be the time to prepare for
entrepreneurship or further studies, if
that’s your path.
At EduBridge Academy, we focus on
preparing you for work while having
fun at it.

We know that your final year
is your last chance to learn to get the
best from the university; so, we’re here
to point you in the direction you
should be looking.

This Pdf file contains

Advice in detail.


1.Educate well
2. Know and understand your desired career

3.Get some work
4 Build
Employability or
Technical Skills
5. Go for Extra￾Curricula Activities
6. Start & Finish a
Professional Course
8. Prepare for Job
Applications –
Build a Great
Resume, and Ace
Interviews and
Aptitude Tests.
9. Understand the world around you – follow 9the news and the trends shaping the world

10. What next?
MSc vs work
after school?

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Source- Edu.bridge Academy.