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Monday, 2 October 2017


Today is My Wedding Anniversary..
I'm in a Long-term Relationship, abi na marriage, with a very annoying Boo since 1960..
Although Boo was born in 1914, 103 years.This old man still acts like an infant..
This Boo of mine has been getting on my nerves..
Though at the Onset, everything looked rosy until 1967..
Boo got into a serious quarrel with one of us (his wives) which degenerated into a serious fight that lasted three solid years!
Why? Because she filed for divorce..
Boo was really brutal sha.. I would call that Domestic Violence
Our Neighbours kept watching in silence...

They later reconciled after our in-laws intervened..
We kept on living together; or rather, pretended to continue living in peace..
Did I forget to mention that Boo is a Multi-Billionaire? Sure he is so wealthy. He has many Oil wells..
Yet Boo is so stingy..
For 57 years, Boo refused to give me even just 'half' oil well, talk more of one..
Boo can be so petty and stingy ehnn!
My monthly allowance is just 18,800.. and yet Boo has billions of dollars stacked in his bank accounts! Boo calls it minimum wage..
Boo owns big two rivers in our backyard, and a very mighty Dam, all which can generate Hydro-electricity..
But can You believe that since 57 years Boo has been depending on Generator!
Boo has lots of international and global connections.. Boo has too many friends..
Most of whom are willing to help..
But do you know that:
Boo refused to construct a good road in our street
Boo refused to build oil refineries.. he prefers to send it to his white friends
Boo refused to pay our domestic staff and workers.. most of them are currently on strike!
Boo has refused to pay the children's school fees
Boo has refused to take care of our sick relatives..
Boo cannot provide jobs for graduates
Boo cannot build good schools
Boo has refused to buy a good car, or good clothes for his wives..
What a Stingy Boo!
Meanwhile, Boo is a chronic cheat..
He has no feelings! He flirts with all manner of women called "POLI-THIEF-CIANS"
They have been looting all the Family wealth... Selfish Bunch of Cows!
Currently, we have been facing lots of security crises in the house, not minding all the Battalion of Army we claim to protect us.
I don't even want to talk about the ones that wear black and black on the roadside that love bribe like pure-water!
Yet, we are still being attacked by aliens in the name of herdsmen, Bokoharam etc..
I can go on and on.. but I cannot exhaust all
Not minding that Boo has beaten and abused me in all manner of ways, I still Love Boo. He is my First Love.
He has a great sense of humour which I can't resist. Even though I sometimes feel like dumping his sorry ass, but I find it difficult to cheat on Boo.
I know someday, God will touch Boo and he will Change for good..
By the way, its our 57 years anniversary! Let's continue to pretend that all is well, maybe with Faith, all will be well..
Happy 57 years Anniversary Boo-Boo!