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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

[Article] Take Your time to Rest.

Tunde graduated to be the best and finest surgeon in the world. At  age 30, he became married.

The joy of marrying a medical doctor attracted Bisi, his wife, to him.

After the few weeks leave he was given from work, he hardly spent some quality time with his wife.

Their relationship began to go sour.

Not that he's flirting around with other ladies. Not that he now had a bad friend. But, at his work place, he was seen as TOO IMPORTANT.

Every patients wants him. The nurses love him to handle all the surgeries at hand.

One day, he got home very early from work. The wife was glad that he was at least early today. Just as he was dropping his briefcase, his phone rang and the following conversation went on.

Nurse: Sir, we need you now at the hospital. We have an emergency.

Tunde: I'm on my way.

The wife was angry with him. As usual, he told her, "Sorry".

This went on for so long.

But one unfortunate day, he had an accident. And....

He died!

The other doctors and surgeons mourned him. They gave his wife cash to take care of herself.

But, can money replace love?

Can some 'kudi' replace a whole man?

You know the answer...

Not too long after, the wife went to that same hospital for some check up.

She was shocked to see someone in her husband's former post. Not only that, she heard someone calling the new surgeon as the best in that town.

She wept bitterly...

Do you know you are replaceable?

Do you know you are NOT too important?

Do you know someone else can do better than what you are doing or what you can do?

Do you know you are cherished now just because you can still perform your rite?

Do you know you are celebrated because you are available and useful?

No one's saying you should not help out. No one's saying you should not be a celebrity. No one's saying you should not help others. No one's saying you should be selfish.


Take time to rest. Take time to relax. Spend time with yourself.

As bitter as those truths, many of you fail to accept that...

Tread softly... Go gently...

I Value YOU!
Good day to you all!!