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Wednesday, 6 September 2017


The clarion call we have answered
Make your grace Lord our mace
That we may run this race
To nurse our courage
In the face of adversity
To bounce our faith
With all dexterity.

The clarion call we have obeyed
With golden crayon
Our hearts now engraved
Our diverse quota
We pledge to render
Peace, love and unity
We hope to foster.

From East, West, North and South
We come with zeal
To seal the gaps
Once created by war
Let the bell of unity peal out
So we gather to sign
The deal of oneness

With selflessness without selfishness
Let’s make dedication our new edition
With service and humility
Let’s shun all forms of vices and inhumanities.

Remember, we’re youths in our prime
And in the towns, we’re seen as role models
Where silently, we inspire and motivate many
So, let’s try and shun crime
And corruption in our time.

Wake up now
Rake all evil thoughts away
For our Nation’s sake
Let’s bake a new cake of love and unity
Bury all fake attitudes and lifestyles
And make this Country a Haven for All!!

(Dedicated To All Those In Service)