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Saturday, 16 September 2017

[Story] Lagos Dudes – Episode 5

It lasted for five seconds; she pushed away and walked out of the room…….

I was whistling when they came; it was dinner time, ‘Uche was carrying a food warmer I presumed contained food, Mohammed has in his hand, a Chivita juice.

“Madman, wetin dey worry you” Uche said, noticing my mood.

I ignored him “Mohammed my guy, how far?”


“I kissed that girl today”

“Oginni! You be bad boy, tell me about it”

“I told you to watch and learn” I smiled briefly, I continued “By the way, Yemisi is coming here tomorrow”

“Who is Yemisi?”

“Watch out” I winced at them and smiled, I could see Mohammed shaking head in behind me.

Bright morning sunshine,

A new dawn,

Arise and shine…………………

My mind was reading a poem when I woke that Saturday, I smiled “today must be a great day” I thought aloud. At the sight of love, everyman became a poet

“Good morning to you too”

I shake my head “Are you dreaming?”

“Am sure your parent taught you manners before they died” Mohammed hissed and walked out of the room. I love Mohammed, although we don’t agree on things.

“We are your seniors, dey greet us small small” Uche said jokingly.

“I don’t have time for any chitchat today, lets clean our room” I answered him with a straight eye. He whistled and walked away.

Tidying the room was fun; I have always run away from it, “is it because I am expecting someone?” I wondered. Although the room was in right order, I decided to make some changes and washed all cloths.

The thoughts of Bisola came to mind, “suppose she comes around”

“She won’t dare!” I replied myself and laughed; girls won’t kill me for my mama o.

After breakfast, I broke the news to my boys;

“Am expecting a visitor by 2pm, please don’t knock or come in until she left”


“Because Y has a long tail u dumbass!” I was angry; Mohammed was such a pain in the Buttocks.

“Is it because of that girl?” Uche asked, he was anxious to know my answer


“I won’t allow any immoral actions in this room”

“Write a report to your boss” I hissed and took up the broom to sweep again.

“Mohammed, allow am na”


“He is bluffing” I continued with my sweeping

“Watch and learn” Mohammed quoted me in his response

“You need to go and beg him”

“He can’t do that”

“He will, he promised to chase the girl away”

I was angry, “If dem born him papa and mama well, let him try it”

“You will be the loser” Uche pointed out

“And why would you say that?”

“Mohammed has nothing to lose, if he succeed in pursuing the girl, you may lose your only chance”

Uche was right; I decided to play the game in a smart way.

“Mohammed, are you mad? What are planning?” I frowned

Mohammed was sitting by the gate reading the newspaper; he smiled when he had me and continue with his reading.

“wetin dey worry you self?

“That room is like a mosque, I do pray there sometimes” his smile faded, “Don’t spoil our friendship and your life with such reckless behaviour”

“She is a friend”

“Why do you ask us not to enter the room?”

“Because, she is shy”


“She works in our store”


Mohammed was so rigid; I decided to play my last game

“Ok, you guys can come inside and play with her” Mohammed smiled, “We are friends, there is no romantic relationship between us” I continued.

“Thanks” he sighed.

“wetin him talk”

“No worry, I will leave the room himself”

“What are you planning?”

I smiled, “let’s wait and see”

She was wearing a blue jean with a white blouse, the jean accentuate her hips; which was her focal point.

“You look beautiful”

“Meet my friends”

I introduced her to Mohammed and Uchenna, they both greeted her. Uche gave an excuse and left the room, Mohammed sat down.

“Yemisi, lets pray”

Yemisi was dumbfounded, but she closes her eye for prayer, I murmured a few prayers. We sat sown on the bed and I offered her biscuits and malt.

“Now that we both have time, can I get to know you?

“What did you want to know?

“Everything you which to share” Mohammed was reading now, I smiled.

“My name is Yemisi, I am 21 years old, I am single and not searching”

“I am still seeking admission into a university,”

“Ok” I could see Mohammed at the far end of the room, concentrating on biology textbook; Mohammed hates biology.

“Are you a Christian?”


“Which church do you attend?

“Christ embassy”

“I dislike your church”

“Why?” she questioned

“Because you guys wear trousers to church, you don’t cover you hair when you go to church”

“Your heart is what God wishes to see”

“Go and read Corinthians”

“I know what is there, but you guys are misquoting the Bible”

We argued for several minutes, quoting Bible verses, although the argument was interesting, nut I had other things in mind. Mohammed was not comfortable with our argument.

“Mohammed can you please help me with my bible over there?

“Take” he gave me the Bible and walked out.

“Is this how you argue with your ex?”

“I love arguments”

“You look beautiful when you argue” I was taking the conversation away from Bible stuffs


“Tell me about your secondary school days”

“What did you want to know?” she asked

We had been talking for 30minutes, she had told me about her family, friends and ex. But that was not the thing on my mind…..

“The boys” I replied

“What about them?”

“You are very endowed, both front and back, am sure they must have disturb you one way or another”

She smiled, “You can’t tell me they don’t try to play with your body” I continued.

“Is that how you used to do when you are in secondary school” she asked the question I was waiting for.

“Yes” I answered

“We had certain rules, if you beat me by the chest or anywhere, I will reciprocate” I continued.

“Whao!” she exclaimed.

“If you touch me now, I won’t hesitate to touch you back” I said, smiling and waiting.

“Are you kidding? We are not kids anymore”

“Try it” I replied in anticipation and she did………………………………


Our s*x was great, her moves and styles shows her expertise in the act, it was a wonderful time, the moment I broke Lagos jinx. Three months was enough!

“You are very good” she commended me

“Na, you made it easier” I replied, kissing her again.

Suddenly our door opened, I raised my head to see the intruder…”oh Sh*t!”