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Saturday, 16 September 2017

[Story] Lagos Dudes – Episode 10

On Friday afternoon, I was in the sitting room with Bisola. We were studying together. Her parent with sister left the house for a party. 30minutes after they left, we proceed to her room; this time the romance turned into s*x. We had someone cough. ***************************************************** It was her sister; she came in to change her change her cloths. “Am sorry” she said and left the room. I heard voices in the house; it was the chief and my boss. I left her room when the voices die down. I called Mohammed from is post at the gate to the room, I told them what happened and we decided to pack our bags. Just as we are packing, we had the chief call out our names; the rage in his voice speaks trouble. “You bastard” he pointed his cutlass towards us “Pack your things and leave my house!” he barked. We dash into the room and pack the bags. He came into the room and threw our bags out. We gather the bags and the cloths slowly on the floor until he threatened us with a gun…