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Saturday, 9 September 2017


Fifty-six (56) years of Nigerian drama has ensued thus far in the most populous black nation. Many episodes, scenes and acts have been performed for us to watch and witness.
Dr. Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe, popular for his alias ‘Zik of Africa’ had a very strong passion and love for the ‘Nigeria Project’. This American trained Journalist had the basics, culture, and principles of democracy woven into his DNA, due to his educational and social exposure during his time in the United States of America. He advocated for black Africa’s self-determination and freedom. He was deeply concerned about the welfare and progress of posterity.

He and his fellow compatriots; Herbert Macaulay, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Tafawa Balewa, and a host of other freedom fighters took the battle to the British, a battle not fought in any hardware kind of war theater but one rich in dialogue and advocacy, campaigning and proving to the colonial administrators that Nigeria was ready to handle her affairs.
The Brits, after much ado agreed to hands off the business of running the affairs of the nation on 1 October 1960.
Over the years, Nigeria has witnessed series of political ad economic metamorphosis. From the First republic, Military Drama 1, Second Republic, Military Drama 2, Third Republic, Military Drama 3, and the current Forth Republic can effectively describe Nigeria’s timeline.
The people of Nigeria has had many beautiful days to cherish, some ugly days which we had to live through, and the most remarkable thing about us is our resilience and will to live; even in the face of not having much to smile about.
After all that has been said and done, we all need to work together in unity and as one nation so as to ensure that our nation becomes developed and advanced, regardless of religious or traditional affiliations.

At 56 I believe we have attained a maturity age. Therefore, we must accept our flaws and shortcomings identify our potentials and harness them to full capacity.
It’s true that our Naira to Dollar exchange rate is smashing roof-tops but we can work ourselves out of these economic woes and ensure that we live up to our ‘Giant of Africa’ status.
Happy Independence Day!!! God bless Nigeria!!!