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Monday, 25 September 2017


Because I'm a nurse,every morning I set out to work early on empty stomach just to take over from night shift nurses in continuity of care to your sick parents and relatives,not minding if I develop peptic ulcer disease only for patient relatives(you) to show up later at your leisure(visits) to yell at me and expect me to be calm just because I'm a nurse!

Because I'm a nurse,I only see my own family at odd times,missing family gatherings due to course of duty,even when notified my own parents are sick,I just talk to them scantly on the phone pending my trip home just because I'm caring for strangers I may not meet again in my lifetime all just because I'm a nurse!

Because I'm a nurse,my friends have deserted me because of my unstable lifestyle (I don't always turn up for weekend grooves) and taking up another settlement in the environment(hospital) they abhor to visit due to peculiar hospital smell,gory sights and fear of seeing the dead,I'm left alone to turn to a solitary reaper all because I'm a nurse!

Because I'm a nurse,people look down on me and make unhealthy assumptions, why not a doctor?,for taking up female roles maybe he's gay,crack unhealthy jokes and expect me to laugh along and remain cool because they are pretty sure I won't trow punches on their face due to raves and anger to their rude jokes,just because I have been tamed with ethics and self carriage to uphold my noble profession without loosing my cool and throwing tantrums all because I'm a nurse!

Because I'm a nurse,I don't know the days of the week but only understand rooster languages, waking up sick but had to care for a sick fellow without minding if I die in line of duty,I carry on anyways all because I'm a nurse.

Because I'm a nurse,my patients I cared for and gave my best say nasty things against me at my back or at most stereotype all of us as being same,even looking for ways to implicate and report you to management yearning for your sack!,what happened to the public display of affection and the friendship we shared while around/on duty? and you expect me to come back and act cool like nothing happened all because I'm a nurse!

Because I'm a nurse,I rejoice with families on arrival of their new babies and mourn when they lose dear ones at same time holding back my tears so I don't act unprofessional and drag my profession to the mud as the cry cry nurse all because I'm a nurse!

Because I'm a nurse,every night you gather round your dinning table to have dinner and share happy moments and my own seat is always vacant and has become a norm because of night duty!,you cuddle and enjoy your night rest while I only take a nap with my head bent over the table and distracted intermittently by patients requests and groans loosing sleep and my circadian rhythm,at the end you have the effrontery to tell me to my face"I have lost weight compounding my woes and I just beam with smiles all because I'm a nurse!

Because I'm a nurse,even after years of graduation I keep reading and updating my knowledge to be on my toes because my family and friends do see me as an encyclopedia of diagnosis and treatments guidelines bothering my life with their problems and expect me to solve them impromptu lest I appear incompetent all because I'm a nurse!

Surely is only a nurse who can actually relate to the plights of a colleague, let's just unite and make our profession work as I promise to carry on just because I'm a nurse!