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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

[Short Story] Good For Something!

“Those good for nothing niggers”, the President blurted out his last words.
“Oh my God, the President has been shot!”, the young beautiful reporter screamed, unable to grasp the reality of the President’s dead body right before her.
“Who could have done such horrible thing?” she thought to herself.
Within seconds, an ambulance had arrived at the scene. His dead body was laid across the stretcher; wailing filled the atmosphere, and ironically, a group decided it was time to beat their drums, clap their hands and jump in the air.
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“He wouldn’t be running for the second term after all”, a frail, tall white man, visibly under the influence of alcohol commented. Whether he in fact was aware of what he said or not, one would never know. It took no more than thirteen men to make him come back to his senses. Punched, slapped, poked with the stick from a banner; he bled until they felt he must have learned his lesson.
This day, the 12th of April had not been the first time in History when the President had made such comments about Black Americans. He made it his point of duty everyday to throw dirt on the race. Was he to blame? Partly, or maybe totally.
He had been raised up in a conservative society where White Supremacy was always preached. God in fact was in support of the White race and any other race automatically an abomination. The White man had been created in the striking image of God, while the darker race had offended God, so he made them as black as the Devil. It was therefore the duty of every White man to remove these devilish creatures off the face of the earth. Why should they be allowed to eat in the same place as the White man? Why should they be ever allowed to go to school with white kids? Why should they be allowed any opportunity at all, let alone equal opportunity? Was he to blame?
He lived his life following the doctrines he had been taught, he was indeed a disciple! He despised the Black race, and any other person that ever supported them. It’s either you’re for the White race and become a friend of God, or for the Black race and become an enemy of God. And no enemy of God is ever going to live to see the light of another day. He did nothing in secret, as he had openly ordered the execution of thousands of people during the short period of his presidency. He spoke freely in press conferences about the success of his administration in getting rid of the “inferiors”, as he called them. So, who could have killed the certainly most loved President ?, everyone asked.
No stone was left unturned in bringing the perpetrator to face justice. As expected, every black person, young or old, male or female, that was present at the arena was a suspect; and they were arrested and locked up. It had to be a black person who had done this “evil”, and it was indeed so. The question remains though, “which one of them?” Contrary to the last words of the President, however, a nigger was eventually good for something, the fool had been silenced!