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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

[Article]Nigeria Is A Muslim Country By Mute Efe

I am a christian but I will never deny that Nigeria is a Muslim country. Nigeria is not a secular state. Nigeria is not a two religion state. Nigeria is a Muslim State. And it is because Nigerian Christians are generally an ignorant bunch. Including CAN and PFN.

The Nigerian Christian fights over who has bought a new private jet or whether a school built by a church is too expensive or whether we should pay tithe while we leave the government who has been collecting our taxes since 1960 with nothing to show for it.

On the other hand Muslims are more interested in political and military power. They know that once they have those two powers then they have the country. Almost all the oil wells located in the South are owned by Northern Muslims. With all due respect, in my opinion, a muslim in the South is just deceiving himself. The North does not regard them as true muslims. I stand to be corrected though.
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Before the election that brought in President Buhari it was rumored that his agenda was the islamization of Nigeria. Everybody took it seriously except the Nigerian Christian. "It is not possible to islamize this country," we said. So we decided to do nothing about it. We forgot that even the constitution of Nigeria is an Islamic constitution.

The ignorant Nigerian Christian as usual thought that "Islamization" of Nigeria was going to be by forcing everyone to become Muslims. Something we know is obviously not possible. We forgot that that is why it is called an "agenda." Two years into the administration what do we have?

Just yesterday I read in the Punch that they revoked the act that allowed women as combatants in the military. Something President Jonathan effected. That is the only arm of the military where there is no limit to how high you can get.

They discovered that women were not just scaling through but actually winning the awards and these women were mostly Southerners or Northern minority and they were Christians.

That means there is the possibility that one day a woman can become the Chief of Army Staff. A woman will then be giving orders to men. Something that Islam detests. So they rather nip it in the bud and take Nigeria back to the stone age.

Without mincing words I believe that President Buhari's sole agenda is to Islamize Nigeria. Every other thing is secondary. And with what they've done in two years I wonder what this country will look like by 2019.

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