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Monday, 30 October 2017

[Story] OROPO; The Village Of The Gods – Episode 2

The prophecy; joy in the palace
(You are welcome to another episode of this story. Do you remember we were talking about some spirits moving towards Dele…let’s get to know what happened)
Dele was on the ground, his eyes were closing, the spirit were moving closer. The spirits were seven in number with the intention of passing some messages to Dele. Dele was conscious but his eyes were closed, too heavy for him to open because he was weak. The spirits surrounded Dele and immediately Dele was feeling cold and shivering.
“Dele, you don’t know us but we know you” said one of the spirits. “We are the seven warriors that fought for OROPO land and forcefully took it away from the foreigners. We sent away all wild animals in the land and made it to be a village. We gave it the name OROPO because of the resources that is in abundance”. Another said “Dele, the trees, the wind, the waters and the land have received the grief and groaning of OROPO people. The gods have heard them and the gods are ready to deliver them”. Their voices were loud echoes of sound which seemed to be travelling afar but it was only directed to Dele. “Dele, we are not here to terrify you but here to deliver the message of the gods to you”. And their voices were unified and they said,
” Your flesh and blood will deliver this land
Your flesh and blood will rule this land
His flesh and blood will kill him”… After saying all these statements, they vanished slowly and passed away with the wind.

Dele was still on the ground, tired, terrified, and still cold. After a while, a man who was tall, dark in complexion, with a great physique came out of the deep part of the forest which was near to the big farm of Dele in Araromi. The man was actually going home when he saw the body of Dele on the ground thinking it was a dead body. “Who is this?” He said quietly to himself. He turned the body in such a way that its facing heaven to realise that its Dele and that he is not dead.( You will be wondering how did he know Dele. The man’s name was OGUNSAKIN, a hunter in Araromi village who was in a trade by barter business with Dele; giving Dele meat in turn for Dele’s farm products. Sakin,also was a good friend to Dele).
“Dele! Dele!” Sakin shouted his name, and after noticing that Dele did not answer, he carried Dele to his own home which was located in the middle of Araromi village. Sakin took care of Dele. Dele was okay and could actually recognise Sakin. Dele explained everything to Sakin but he couldn’t remember what the spirits told him.
Early the following morning, Folashade who was worried about her husband that has not returned from the farm since the previous day. “Where did he branch?”, “what is he doing?”, “what happened to him?” These are the thought of the beloved wife of Dele. “How I wished he was home now to rejoice with me” she said.
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Not quite long after Folashade’s thoughts, sitting outside their clay moulded house, she saw Dele and Sakin coming from afar. She ran towards them, Dele face was still very dull and he still looks tired. “What happened?” She asked Sakin. “Just let him go in and rest properly” Sakin replied. Folashade offered food to both Dele and Sakin, “not now” Dele said faintly. “But before you sleep, oko mi(my husband), I’m pregnant” she said with so much joy. Sakin rejoiced and congratulated both of them but Dele couldn’t express his joy because he was still tired inside, he could only kiss Folashade and looked up to heaven to thank the gods. Afterwards he slept.
Meanwhile in the palace, there was so much joy and happiness because the queen, Adesewa also had conceived a child. The king, Adeagbo called his
People to come over to his palace. He gave them foods, meats, drinks and there was merriment.
(Is the king beginning to change? Has the gods forgiven him? What happened to Dele and the message of the gods? Follow this tale to know what happened…thanks for your time…Bye for now)
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