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Monday, 30 October 2017

[Story] My Boyfriend Cheated on Me for My Best Friend – Episode 2

Chloe opened her eyes blearily to her mum yelling, “GET UP CHLOE YOUR GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!”
“Worst things you could hear on a Monday morning.” She said ironically to herself, staring up at the painting she had done when she was in year three. For some reason she had thought it would be a good idea to stick it on her bedroom ceiling, instead to later attempt to rip it off but to put it back on after realising that she’d get in trouble from the rips in the soft pink paint.
All her bedroom was babyish as she had lived in it her whole life, again and again she would ask her mum to at least paint it a normal colour but her mum wouldn’t have it.
“It’s cute!” Her mum had said a few weeks earlier, “It’s different, not all modern and grown up like the rest of your friends.”
Rolling around to get out of bed she flopped heavily onto the floor, landing on her book she had been reading that previous night about vampires until two am.
Walking like a zombie into the bright orange kitchen she made herself toast and sat down to eat it. Just as she began to descend into another slumber her younger brother Zayn, ran into the kitchen screaming, “IT’S SCHOOL TIME! IT’S SCHOOL TIME!”
“Shut up!” Chloe cried, jumping.
“Chloe! I’ve told you again and again to stop talking to Zayn like that, he’s only excited.”Chloe’s mum entered the kitchen.
Chloe rolled her eyes, “Yeah but I’d like to wake up to no screaming children.”
Her mum grinned and picked Zayn up, resting him on her hip, “And that time will come when you are a grandma.”
Zayn laughed, “Thinking of your future boyfwiend again?”
Chloe choked on her toast as she stared at Zayn, “What?” She whispered in horror.
“Your future boyfwiend!” Zayn clapped his hands.
Chloe mum smiled apologetically at her horror struck daughter, “You know you and Bridgette talk louder than you think, he’s only repeating what he heard.”
“You mean? You- you mean? You heard it all?” Chloe recalled the coversations she’s had with Bridgette about boys and flinched inwardly.
“Yeah!” Zayn replied happily! “You want a boyfwiend!”
“Mum! How could you do that!” She stood up, feeling suddenly awake.
“Shut UP Zayn!” Still keeping fierce eye contact with her mum, waiting for an answer.
Zayn looked at his mum with big sad eyes.
Her mum ushered Zayn gently out of the room, telling him to get ready for school.
She then turned to Chloe, “I’m sick of the way you pick on him!”
Chloe yelled, “Answer my f-!”
“Oi, no swearing in this house!” Her mums face grew fierce. “Look, I’m sorry that we have been eavesdropping on you two. I just never know what’s happening in your life anymore and I almost miss you!”
Chloe relaxed her angered stance and felt her face relax. “Mum..”
“But!” Her mum continued, “It was pretty funny hearing you two talk about boyfriends! Your dad and I had a hard time controlling ourselves.”
Chloe couldn’t beleive what she was hearing, “Ugh I’m walking to school by myself.”
“Woo! Slow down there girl! Don’t need to go get so angry.” She laughed and watched as Chloe turned around and stalked to her bedroom, wondering what she was going to say to her later.
Chloe pulled her school uniform on, not bothering to do her hair or daily make-up. She hadn’t even finished her toast as she had run out the room. She flopped onto her messily done bed, thinking wherever she should really walk to school or not.
“Stuff it.” She said and stormed out the house in fury. She was halfway there when she realised she hadn’t even brought any textbooks, or food to eat and not to say she looked like death.
All the pressure of that morning suddenly burst upon her as she fell down on the seat next to the pavement in a heap. What was she going to do? How will she get to school?
Chloe burst into tears, feeling sorry for herself and feeling like her life was turning horrible.
She must have slept from exhaustion as she woke up to a man gently shaking her.
“Chloe? Are you okay?” The man looked down upon her with a worried expression. Chloe felt a trigger of remembrance for him.
She sat up quickly, “Hi Mr Roberts, um no I am fine I must have fainted.” She lied.
Mr Roberts wouldn’t have it, “No you’re not fine I’m taking you to the school sickbay now.”
“Look Mr Roberts? Please don’t do that, I promise you I feel fine.”
He shook his head, “I shouldn’t be doing this.” He muttered. “Fine then Chloe but I’m taking you to school.
He then picked her up! Mr Roberts picking Chloe up! He was breathing heavily as he picked his way towards his roughly parked Subaru on the curb.
He went to put her seat belt on but thought against it and went to put his own seatbelt on.
She glared at him and crossed her arms in a huff.
She speeded away in her crush’s dads’ car, zooming the familiar way to the last place she wanted to be in at the moment. High school.