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Monday, 25 September 2017

[Short Story] Lessons from a Busstop

So I was at the bus stop in lekki
The crowd was unbelievable and angry.
Pick pockets picking pockets invincibly
As the cold rain drizzled...moist on angry faces

"I need a car...no I need to be rich"
Many thoughts as I watched smiling faces in tinted glasses... "I do need money".
Alone in an angry crowd in cold rain.
All seeking to struggle for a paid ride home.
But that wasnt the lesson.

No vehicle came...none willing to make a business of this demand!
Only an endless sea of people closing to join the fight.
A nasty experience indeed as every new person was a possibility you wont enter the next ride.
The wait was long...very long!
After about two hours a vehicle stopped half filled and half  empty.
The "empty" was the only chance the crowd had.
Oworo seemed like everyone's destination and Oworo  it went!

"Oworo!!!" the driver shouted with a great sense of pride.
That was the whistle that signalled the race and kept he speeding enjoying  the moment.

I could join the fight but I watched as the brave struggled. The push, the shove the punch and the pick pockets!

Then in the end the lucky five finally in! For some this was the closest they'd ever come to success. Angry faces now filled with smiles and laughter.
They left as achievers and those who didn't make it nursed broken hearts after needless athletism.

I just watched! For such is life! We all struggle to get the same things but some would make it others wont. Some wouldnt even put in any effort....like I did.
They just watch to know who would win. Some chase those degrees with all vigour. They read all night and are diligent....but in the end it all seems like needless industry.

I still related this to life. Then in the crowd my luck struck. A nice camry pulled close wind down and again another Oworo!
I was too close not to make the fast move and bam! Front sit Baby! Yeah....I like the front sit.
I was in then looked with smiles as another fight ensued as others tried to fill up the back sit. For me it was little effort and instant result....I tot again. Such is life!

But despite making it this far, the traffic was endless. Every route was a crawl. But I was comfortable through this struggle!

We moved....slowly but surely. Until after some hours I saw the vehicle. The first one that sent me into my soliloquy.
 It was broken down on third mainland bridge. The face of those who won that challenge now filled with dispair.

 Those who didnt make it into their bus, those who they pushed aside and won, those who made them laugh when they didnt get that vehicle... they slowly drove past them.

 Never judge your life by one success of another man. Just wait...you can never tell who will be the first to reach Oworo!

Oliver Omoredia