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Monday, 25 September 2017

[Articles] Does Sex Cheapen Anyone?

Yes, it does. Only when sex is the only thing you are worth, why
shouldn't you guard it jealously and let it out bit by bit so it won't
diminish or get finished?
Of course, if you let it out too much, it'll get finished and make you
Dear gentlemen, when on a first date, sex happens between you and
your date, it has nothing to do with being cheap, and if at all you have
to bring in the term 'cheap', it should be used for the both of you. If
you feel she is cheap to let out her nakedness before a stranger, then,
you should think that you're cheap to do same. In sex, it takes two to
When you make sex all a person is worth and call them worthless
because you think they have given you all they are worth, ask yourself
the correlation between sex and intelligence or a good heart.
I used to think the term 'virginity is dignity' was praising me until I
realised it was actually insulting me, that it was saying if tomorrow I
get raped, then, my dignity would be gone, that my only worth was tied
to sex, that my dignity was placed on my sexual organ. Then, I told
myself, 'baby girl, your brain would mean more to the world than your
hymen, that is where your dignity should lie'.
The world will respect you and place you in high esteem because of
your output to the world, not because of your bedroom affairs.
The best gift your wife can give to you is her love and support not her
hymen. Your marriage will not thrive on her hymen, it will thrive on the
efforts the both of you put into making it work.
Now, I am not saying chastity is not good, I am only saying it doesn't
have a relationship with intelligence and a good heart because in the
end, we will realise that the best people to be with are those with good
Now, this is the sermon for today, may the words of the oracle be