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Sunday, 29 October 2017

[Story] Sister Adesewa (True Life Story) – Episode 13

I lost my parents when i was very young n went into
prostitution when i was in school,sleeping with anything in
trouser just to get money n live fine. I aborted many
pregnancies,n at a time i just get tired of dt kind of life n
decided to opt out of prostitution..but then,unknown to
me, I was already carrying a pregnancy which i didnt know
who was responsible for it.
For a reason i couldnt really explain,i decided to have d
I had a baby girl,named Temidara n was taken care of her
alone. Since i didnt know who her father was, i gave her a
surname,Omoolorun which means a child of God.
When Temi was 2yrs old,i gave my life to Jesus n i was
seriously enjoying my new life in Christ.
About a year n half later,i met a man who proposed to
me. He was born again n feared d Lord.
We got married about six months later,n we had one of d
best marriages in d world.
Though,i didnt have a child for him,d man loved me so
much despite pressures from his friends n family members
to leave me n find another lady,having known my past.
We both continued to serve God with all of our
hearts,trusting Him dt one day,He would shut up d mouths
of our enemies n give us a child.
Then,d unexpected happened.
After 7yrs of marriage,my husband slumped n died in
church one sunday morning.
He was d one dt drove us to church dt day,he didnt
complain of having any pain earlier.
U wouldn’t like to hear what i went tru in d hands of his
family members afterwards. I was treated like an animal.
Thank God for my pastor n church members dt came to my
rescue. I was not allowed to take anything out of d
house,not even my own belongings. It took my pastor’s intervention before I could be allowed to take my certificates, they said that I was responsible for their son’s death. Months later I found myself sleeping around with men who where coming around to render one assitance of the other. I knew it
wasn’t good,but i just couldn’t help myself.
I prayed n prayed for God to deliver me,but d more i
prayed,d more i found myself in it. People in d church were
seeing me as a strong woman,but i knew i was as weak n
helpless as a worm.
Then,one day we were having a special programme in
church,n a guest minister was invited.
As he was ministering,he paused n said “God is telling
me,dt dir’s a woman here,who lost her husband sometime
ago,n has since been sleeping with men,both married n
single.U know its not good n has bn praying abt it,if only u
can come out now,God wants to deliver u. Everybody close ur
It took me quite some time before i could come out. Infact, it was d Holyspirit dt pushed me out.
D man prayed for me,n since dt day i was delivered.
Some women picked quarrel with me later,suspecting dir
husbands were among d men i was sleeping with. How they knew i was d one dt came out,i wouldnt know. Afterall,d pastor told everybody to close dir eyes.
About 3 months later,d same man of God dt ministered to
me,sent my pastor to tell me dt God told him to marry me.
I was surprised..”but,doesn’t he have a wife?”.I asked my
“He lost his wife last year”.He answered.
Dt man of God is Pastor Williams.
We got married,and exactly a year later,we had a set of
twins..a boy n a girl.
Dt was why i told u d other time,dt if God could have mercy
on me,He would surely have mercy on u too.
Look at 1cor 10:13.God will always provide an escape route
for u if u are His child,when u fall into d enemy’s
trap,provided u ask for forgiveness and obey his leading