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Monday, 30 October 2017

[Story] My Boyfriend Cheated on Me for My Best Friend – Episode 3

“So” Mr Roberts said in the car, obviously attempting to make comversation, “Why were you lying there on the pavement in the first place?”
Chloe grimaced at the question, “Well I must have been walking to school as normal and then I must have fainted. I can’t really remember.”
“So your bag and pack lunch and everything were robbed?”
“Must have been because they weren’t there when I woke up.” Chloe felt bad for lying so much.
They got out of the car; she recognised it as the staff parking area.
“You didn’t need to do this Mr Roberts.” She said strongly in hopes of him deciding against it.
“Yes I did, you would have stayed there all night and you might have been robbed.”
Chloe rolled her eyes, “Mr Roberts? I don’t even have anything on me that a person would rob, I only have my clothes.”
“And that’s exactly what I meant.”
Chloe turned red, “Oh.”
He pushed her gently towards her classroom, “There you go, oh no I better go in with you to tell the teacher what has happened so she can ring your mum.”
“No!” Chloe said in horror, “You can’t do that! Don’t worry Mr Roberts I’m fine, please just let me go in by myself!”
He looked down at her and shook his head firmly, not saying anything. He knocked on her classroom door, Mrs Nelly answered, “Come in!”
Chloe braced herself, they entered.
Everyone gasped as they first set their eyes on Chloe with her knotty hair, school uniform all twisted and her eyes bright red from crying.
Bridgette gasped, “Chloe! Where have you been?”
Her crush Ben then exclaimed, “Dad?”
Mr Roberts put his hand up as in to hush the class and proceeded to the teacher.
Chloe had nothing to do except sit down at her desk and listen to all the questions coming at her from all her classmates.
“Where have you been?”
“Why are you so late?”
“Have you been crying?!”
“You look terrible! Have you even brushed your hair this morning?”
Chloe groaned and put her head in her hands.
“You’re telling me everything at snack.” Whispered a voice to her right, she peeked from under her arms to see her best friend staring at her in confused and bewildered look.
She just nodded.
When Bridgette had gone Ben came up to Chloe and whispered close to her. “You’re telling me everything okay? And, are you alright? You looked pretty messed up.”
She ignored him.
Ben laughed, “You’re cute when you’re angry.” Then walked away.
Chloe froze, not believing what she’d heard.
The bell sounded and everyone sat up to go outside, Chloe was halfway to the door when Mrs Nelly called her name.
She groaned and preceeded to pepare herself for a lecture, “Mrs Nelly I swear I am fine, plus I really need to talk to my best friend about something so may I be excused?”
Her teacher looked startled, “No, I’m talking and you must listen.”
“Yeah, whatever.” She said and walked out of the classroom. She was not expecting what she saw.
All of year nine were waiting outside her classroom shouting questions at poor Chloe.
Chloe just stared; suddenly someone grabbed her and led her behind the big tree that was behind the classroom. She looked to see who it was and let out a strangled cry when she realised it was Ben.
“Why were you with my dad?!”
Chloe decided not to lie, “Um well I had a big argument with my mum this morning and I guess I just ran out of the house without her knowing and I ran to the school but then I collapsed and fell asleep on the pavement.” She paused.
“Well?” He demanded, “What about my dad?”
“I woke up to your dad shaking me and he put me in his car and drove me here.” She missed the part of him carrying her.
“Oh, well I guess I now know why you look a big mess.”
“Gee thanks Ben!” She said sarcastically.
He looked surprised, “Um, sorry Chloe I didn’t know you were going to get so fiery about it.”
She felt guilty instantly, “Sorry Ben, I’m just so stressed with everything and my mum is going to kill me when I get home and everyone is being so mean asking me hundreds of questions and”-
He kissed her. His lips felt soft on hers as he kissed her fully on the lips. He broke away from her and looked in her eyes.
“Wow.” She said gaily, feeling dizzy. She always had liked Ben but didn’t realise that she would get him!
 He smiled, “So it is a yeah?”
“What’s a yeah?” She was confused for a moment.
“Do you want to go out with me?”
Chloe blanched, “Um, yeah?”
“Yeah?” He repeated.
“Yes”, she replied with a smile.
“Cool! Um well I guess I should leave you to answer all of the questions everyone wants to know.”
Chloe groaned, “You just ruined the moment.”
He gave her a quick hug and left, walking toward his mates to tell them the news.
“Bridgette?” Chloe called the way Bridgette was.
“CHLOE!” And before she knew it Bridgette was wrapped around her waist. “You’ve got a boyfriend!”
Chloe laughed, “Did you see the kiss? It was amazing he’s so gorgeous and it happened so quickly!”
 “Yes I saw all of it and I heard all of it, he’s so sweet! Hold on to him because he’s fantastic.”
“Don’t go stealing my man.” Chloe joked.
Bridgette laughed and stood back, “Don’t worry Chloe, I’ll never do that to you. I also heard how you got to school. One word, wow.”
Chloe laughed, “I know right?You wnat me to tell you?”
“Don’t tell me now; it’ll ruin the moment.” She grinned. “Come to my house tonight and we can talk about it then.”
“Yeah that’ll be good, I can also tickle you to death then too.”
Bridgette looked alarmed, “Why?”
“Because you were spying on me and Ben, plus he nearly found you!”
Bridgette giggled, “Well he has to learn that I’m your best friend and that you tell me everything anyway! Come on, let’s tell everyone about you and Ben!”
Chloe agreed and followed Bridgette to find some of her classmates.