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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

[Story] Sister Adesewa (True Life Story) – Episode 7

It was Pastor Mrs.She was on her way to school that monday
morning as she taught in a primary school at Oyan,but she
quickly branched at my place to check on me.
She came with a basket containing pepper soup,jollof
rice,vegetable soup and obe ila alasepo (okro soup with stew
She said she didnt know the one i would love to eat,but i
should try and take the pepper soup as it would deal with that
malaria fever.She told me to warm them as i could see she
brought them out of the freezer that morning,and couldnt wait
to warm them before leaving the house to prevent her from
getting late to school.
I collected the basket from her,appreciated her and sat on
my plastic chair.
“Can i drop you at the health centre for ur injection?,since its
on d same route to my school”.She asked.
“I’m not ready yet ma,i will take a bike.Thank you ma”.
“It’s a pleasure my dear.So,how are you feeling now?.”
“I’m better today ma”.I answered.
“Oh!! Thank God, my mind was with u throughout the night. I really couldn’t sleep well, I started blaming myself for allowing you stay here all alone, I could have forced you to come with us yestaday. But hope you slept well, and……….”
Switched off my phone…..I was hearing in my spirit “Open up to
her!.Open up to her!!”.

Then i heard another voice contrary to that one saying “Dont
try it!.U’ll disappoint her.U can see how she loves and
cares for u,she’ll withdraw the gesture..What if….”
Suddenly,i felt Pastor Mrs’ hand on my shoulder.
She tapped me and said “Are you okay?.I’ve called you
twice,but you didnt respond.
What is bothering you?.What are you thinking of?.Feel free to
share it with me,i’m a mother..”
Before she could finish her sentence,i cut in “Nothing ma”.
“Hunhun!.Dont tell me there’s nothing when obviously
there’s something. That’s a lie,and i dont expect you as a child
of God to tell one,if you dont want to share it,just say you dont
want to share it,instead of saying there’s nothing when
there’s something.”
I was dumbfounded.I didnt know when i said “Okay ma,i
will tell u later”.
“ That’s better my dear.See you later then.Hurry up so you can go
for your injection on time.Make sure you eat before you go.” She said.
“Okay ma, Thank you mum”
I got to the health center that morning and saw a choir member, she was supprised to me and also to hear that I didn’t attend Bode’s Dad’s burial.
When she asked “why?” i told her i was sick,but didnt tell
her beyond that.

As i was getting back home,i met Bode coming out of the
corpers’ quarters.
I was a bit shy to look at his face,remembering what
happened between us.I was no longer free with him.I wish i
didnt see him.
He gave me souvenirs of his dad’s burial,and said his mum
sent her greetings,and that she promised to come and visit
me as soon as she could go out.
I took those things from him and thanked him.
Then he said “Sis Sewa,i’m indeed very sorry for what
happened last week.Its the devil.Please forgive me..”
He wanted to hold my hand,but i didnt allow him.
I said “Its fine!,Its fine!!”.Just go